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Many people believe that the COVID-19 quarantines will lead to a baby boom in the near future. But, experts argue that the economic hardships will actually result in between 300,000 to 500,000 fewer births in 2021. 

If you are one of the lucky parents anxiously awaiting the birth of a baby in the next months, it’s time to celebrate. Make sure your baby feels at home by taking the time to decorate their nursery. 

Keep reading to learn how to set up a nursery before your bundle of joy arrives. 

Pick a Theme

When you start to design a nursery, you want to make sure you have a specific thing in mind. If you go to the store and start buying everything that looks cute, soon you’ll end up with a bunch of items that don’t match. 

There are many options when choosing a theme, and you can go with a specific one or a general one. For example, your nursery thing could be sunshine, meaning you focus on a yellow, bright, and cheerful mood. Or, your theme could be specific like a fairytale theme, where you want all your items to look like they belong in a castle. 

Regardless of what theme you choose, consider making it a gender-neutral one. That way, all your hard work can be reused for future children. 

Make sure you let your friends and family know what theme you chose as soon as possible so that if you get any gifts, they’ll coordinate with your nursery. 

Create a Sleeping Area

When setting up a nursery, the most important area to focus on is the sleeping area. 

During the baby’s first years of life, they will spend most of their time sleeping. You want to make sure the nursery is the perfect space for them to take a quick nap or hopefully sleep through the night. 

Start by focusing on the crib. This is something you want to buy new so that you know for sure it’s clean and safe. From there, use a firm mattress with a fitted sheet. 

Avoid putting anything else in the crib area, such as blankets or stuffed animals. All of these can be harmful to your child. But, you will want to make sure you have a baby monitor camera set on the crib so you can check in on your baby while they sleep. 

Don’t Forget a Nursing, Rocking Space

Over 80% of babies are breastfed for at least a portion of their infancy. This is why it’s important to create a nursing space when considering nursery design. 

Start with a comfortable rocking chair that you can sit in comfortably for hours. Or, consider a glider chair that mimics the rocking motion but can be more comfortable. From there, add in some comforting blankets, a lamp, and a side table. 

When choosing where in the room to put your nursing space, make sure that there is an electrical outlet nearby. That way, you can sit while charging your phone or using a wired breast pump. 

And if your baby isn’t going to be breastfed, don’t feel bad. A fed baby is a happy baby. Instead, turn the traditional nursing space into a rocking space to comfort and bond with your child. 

Every Baby Needs a Changing Area

Now that you’ve covered the sleeping and eating aspects of your baby’s life, there is only one main body function remaining — pooping. Your baby will go through a lot of diaper changes, so your nursery should make sure that the changes are comfortable and efficient. 

Start with a quality changing table. Go to the store and try mimicking changing movements on different table options. You want the right height for the changing table so that you aren’t hunched over every time. 

Once you have the right height, make sure that there is plenty of storage, such as drawers or shelves. This is where you’ll stock all your diapers, wipes, and other baby toiletries such as lotion. Having everything in one spot will make the late-night diaper changes much easier. 

Shop for Items That Will Grow With Baby

Something important to think in mind when shopping for your nursery room items is to find items that will grow with your baby. You don’t want to furnish the whole room, only to have to replace everything when they reach the toddler stage. 

For example, they have cribs that are convertible from a mini-crib to a fill-crib and finally into a toddler bed. Or, instead of buying a specific changing table, buy a dresser with a changing table topper.

Alternatively, if you plan on having multiple children, make sure the nursery items will last for several children. Then, instead of changing the room when a new baby arrives, the older child can move into a different room and the nursery will already be ready. 

Safety First 

Every nursery for babies needs to put safety first. Even though your baby won’t be crawling or walking anytime soon, there are still many nursery safety features to keep in mind. 

Most importantly, keep everything away and out of reach of the crib. Never place the crib in front of a window, as the baby could become tangled in a blind cord or drapery. If you use mobiles, make sure they are high enough to remain out of reach. 

Do your research when purchasing furniture and make sure that there are no recalls. Be wary of secondhand furniture as you never know how it was previously treated. 

Now You Know How to Set up a Nursery

After reading this article, you no longer have to ask how to set up a nursery. 

Start by picking a theme for the nursery that you and your baby will love. Then, plan out the main areas, such as the sleeping, rocking, and changing areas. Finally, shop for items that your child can use as they grow up and make safety a priority. 

Looking for ways to design the perfect nursery without breaking the bank? Head to the Money Saving section of this site for all the best advice. 







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