3 Outdoor Event Ideas That Will Have You Ready to Plan Your Next Party


With the ongoing pandemic, it’s easy to think that there’s no cause for celebration. However, the human spirit is nothing if not resilient, especially during the holiday season! If you want to have an absolute bash of an outdoor party, have we got some ideas for you.

Whether you’re planning for a large family gathering or a corporate event, we have you covered. Here are 3 amazing outdoor event ideas for a fun, festive, and socially distanced winter party.

1. Let’s All Go to the Movies

Most cinemas are still closed, and most movie releases now get done through streaming services. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some classic movie fun!

Whether you do this in a park or in your backyard, you and all your friends can enjoy the latest releases at a safe social distance in the crisp, cool air of winter. Rent a projector screen and stream the latest Hallmark special from your laptop. Keep your guests warm and cozy with battery-powered space heaters or porch fire pits.

While outdoor movies are more of a summer event, summer doesn’t need to have all the fun. So long as everyone brings their own warmth, you can curl up and watch the movie just as well as inside, with the added benefit of being around people again.

2. Winter Sports Bonanza

Confession time? This author adores winter. Especially winter sports. Snowball fights, sledding, ice skating, you name it. And who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

If there’s a decent chunk of snow in the forecast and the roads are clear, rent out a local park for your own take on the Winter Olympics! Team up with friends, family, or coworkers and go to town. 

Judge snowman sculpting contests. Race down the hills in sleds, inner tubes, trash can lids, whatever you can find. Score impromptu ice skating routines. The possibilities are endless!

Just make sure everyone is warm, well-fed, and well hydrated. If you’re not hosting this somewhere fortunate enough to have its own restrooms, no worries. This ultimate guide will help you figure out the costs of ensuring everyone can do their business.

3. Yuletide By the Fireside 

If you sang, don’t feel too bad. The Christmas season is in the air! Having an outdoor Christmas gathering can be a wonderful way to ensure no one loses that holiday spirit, even despite everything going on in the world.

If you’re hosting this at a local park or other common outdoor venue, chances are that they already have the trees strung up with twinkling lights for atmosphere. If it’s in your own backyard, you can do that yourself.

Deck the tables with boughs of holly and pine cones, and invest in some candles. Not only will the soft glow provide endless atmosphere, but the warmth of the fire will help stave off frozen fingers.

As for the food? There’s an endless array of winter recipes you can find to keep guests warm, happy, and full of more than Christmas cheer.

Have Your Own Winter Outdoor Event Ideas?

That’s totally fine! The three outdoor event ideas above are just the start of an endless list for your next big winter bash. Whether you use one of ours, or come up with your own, you and yours will be sure to have a fun, merry, socially distanced party.

If you loved this list of creative party ideas and want to see more content like it, feel free to check out our blog today.


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