Decorating a Baby Nursery? Dos and Don’ts


Creating a cute and functional nursery is one of the most exciting steps in the lives of expecting parents. If this is your first baby (and first time being bombarded with advice), it can also be quite overwhelming. Enjoy the process of putting together a safe and welcoming place with these practical nursery design do’s and don’ts.  


Do Leave Room for Growth

Think long term before you splurge on a gorgeous and expensive crib. Our babies grow faster than we can imagine, and before you know it, you’ll have to visit for a twin. Stick to a budget-friendly cot that can easily be converted to a toddler’s bed.  

Don’t Get Caught in the Hype

As you plan and shop for your newborn, you’ll come across many products and recommendations that’ll make you feel like a terrible parent if you don’t buy them. Stop and ask yourself what your budget is or how often you’ll use the item before swiping your card.


Do Stick to a Palette and Theme

You don’t want to welcome your newborn while the paint is still wet. However, you don’t want to pick curtains, bedding, and decor that’ll clash with the walls either. What’s a new parent to do to decorate a room that you and your child will love? 

Choosing a palette and theme will help you stay focused on what colors and textiles to get. It’ll also be guidelines for what your family and friends can give you for your baby shower. 

Without a theme, you risk an array of colors and designs that’ll make the room look more disorganized than it is. Bonus tip: opting to find out about the gender the day of? Stick to neutral pastel colors that any child will cherish.  

Don’t Be Too Specific

Having an animal or fairytale theme for a baby will never go out of style, but keeping it minimalistic will help your child transition to different tastes as they grow. For instance, they might become a huge fan of Paw Patrol as a toddler, but having a space-themed wall design will clash with the evolving theme. 


Do Put Together a Nursing Corner

You can expect frequent nursing sessions with your little one, so you should make it as functional and comfortable as possible for both you and the baby. When setting up a nursing area, you want everything you need within your reach, as well as a nightlight and comfy rocking chair for long, sleepless nights.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself Too

Nursing pillows can be decorative and practical to support the baby and avoid arm strain. If you’re breastfeeding, add items such as nipple pads and creams in storage within your reach. Don’t forget to include snacks such as nutritional bars in case you’re hungry or low on energy.







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