Karcher WV1 vs. WV2: Which One Should You Opt For?


Window vacuum cleaners are a lifesaver. They are specially designed for spotlessly clean glass doors and windows, which leave behind not watermarks or trail marks. They are mostly handheld, making it easy to carry them to all parts of the house. Karcher WV1 vacuum cleaner is quite an efficient one, and they also introduced the WV2. Read on to find out which one you should go for between the two as we are giving a brief comparison of karcher wv1 vs wv2.


Karcher WV1

This is an entry-level window vacuum cleaner. This is great for those who want efficient cleaning within a moderate budget. It weighs around 0.6 kg, which makes it quite lightweight and so there is no additional pressure on your hands.

It comes with a 100 ml dirty water tank. The dirty water is collected in a small reservoir while cleaning so that the soapy water remains clean. However, you might have to empty the tank a couple of times when cleaning large surfaces.

It has a 250 mm cleaning head, which you can use to clean windows with any surface. After cleaning, you can simply empty the tank and use it again.

The WV1 runs for 20 minutes at full charge, enabling you to clean about 55 sq meters of surface. The best feature is that the suction power does not reduce even when the battery is low.

The ergonomic head of the WV1 makes sure you can reach the farthest corners of the window with ease. Hence, you can also use it to clean your laptop surface, tiles, worktops, and screen showers, for which it can be used to deal with condensation.


Karcher WV2

This is an upgraded version of WV1. Although it retains the basic design, there are some additional features to give you a good value for money.

Apart from cleaning regular surfaces like windows and tiles, you can also use them to dry off your car surface.

In comparison to WV1, it has an additional cleaning time of five minutes. So it runs for 25 minutes on a full charge. An LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

It comes with a versatile, ergonomic head. You can reach into all kinds of tight corners without putting extra pressure on your hands. The WV1 comes with a single blade, while the WV2 has two of them. The larger one is suited for cleaning big glass surfaces, while the smaller one is better suited for windows and cabinets.

The WV2 has potent suction, preventing any dripping of dirty water while cleaning. There is a 100 ml tank for collecting dirty water. Cleaning is made more effective as the pack also includes a spray bottle and a microfiber cleaning head, which leaves behind no streaks after cleaning.


Which One Is Better?

Depending upon the design of your windows and how frequently you clean them, you can choose to check Karcher WV1 vs. WV2. If you are willing to pay a little extra and want a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean multiple surfaces, the WV2 would be best suited. For regular window cleaning on a tight budget, the WV1 would be a better choice.






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