8 of the UK’s Best Sports Discount Retailers


With lockdowns becoming the new norm, more and more people are looking for ways to stay fit and healthy indoors or outdoors, during their permitted daily exercise excursions. They are also looking for ways to save money on the clothing and equipment needed, which is where discount sports retailers come in.

Who should you be buying from and who specialises in what? Read on to find out who the best of the best are in the UK.

MandM Direct

MandM customers rave about the price, quality and affordability of products, with Feefo’s MandM Direct reviews supporting its position as a favourite retailer in the UK. Offering up to 75% of retail prices, thanks to its online-only presence, it makes finding new items easy with an optional newsletter, generous returns policy and competitive delivery rates. Big-name brands are easy to find, as well as smaller, but still well-regarded ones.
As well as offering an extensive range of sports clothing, MandM also sells fashion pieces and accessories for the whole family – it does not, however, sell any sporting equipment.


The name says it all, as SportShoes focuses mainly on specialist sporting footwear. Boasting an enormous range of different styles of trainers, shoppers can search using a number of filters, including sport and gender. It also offers activewear for men and women and stocks a number of useful accessories as well, including GPS watches, water bottles and injury remedies, such as physio tape.

Large, recognised brands are available and sale prices are always considerably less than RRP, but do bear in mind that as huge discounts go, this is not the cheapest site around. It is, however, more specialist. Intelligent buyers compare through the different platforms while contrasting the pros and cons of purchasing any specific pair of shoes. Websites such as Shoe Adviser will play a significant role for those looking only for the brands that best match their style.


A major player in the discount sports retailer world, Decathlon has made a big name for itself in the UK, thanks to having such a vast global presence too. Found in 57 countries and with more than 1,500 stores, Decathlon is a name that inspires confidence and is one of Sports Direct’s biggest competitors.

Offering a good selection of trendy athletic wear, it also focuses on the equipment side of the market, stocking large home gym machines through to tiny hand weights and everything in between. It also sells a number of nutritional supplements, making it a one-stop-shop for serious athletes.

Pro:Direct Select

While the main website isn’t geared towards bargains – with current releases from big brands being the main focus – the outlet and sale sections attract loyal customers in big numbers. Offering big discounts on RRP — a minimum of 50% — shoppers might be drawn in by new must-haves, but will stay for the wallet-friendly sale prices.

Pro:Direct Select also offers next day delivery, if you order before 8 pm, meaning that an unexpectedly urgent purchase is rarely an issue.

MA Sports UK

The website might be basic but don’t be fooled, as what MA Sports UK saved on costly web development, they pass onto their customers. Everything on the website is up to 75% RRP, with sports clothing, casual garments, certain equipment and even kids items all included.

You can’t buy cheap gym equipment here, but you can get inexpensive sports accessories, such as bats and racquets, as well as balls and the usual small consumables. Even roller skates are ready to be shipped straight to your door, along with big-name bargains.


Calling itself the football store, Kitbag has one focus and one focus only – the beautiful game and celebrating it in every way possible. Items are offered for everyone everywhere, with football team themed dresses, office accessories, hats and even pet wear all for sale. There’s a lot of scope here, as all leagues, teams and competitions are represented, so customers are all but guaranteed to find something related to their beloved team.

Prices are already fair, but the outlet has some serious bargains for football fans to enjoy, with old season kits being drastically reduced. You might not have known that you need to decorate your new home office with an Everton fleece blanket, but at least now you know where to get one from.

Sports Direct

We can’t talk about discount sports retailers and not mention Sports Direct. As famous for its low prices as it is its CEO, it has paved the way for a lot of similar operations to spring up, though usually with less controversy.

Seemingly selling just about everything, including large gym equipment items, Sports Direct makes it easy for shoppers to buy in-store or online and has regular discount codes and offers available. Selling a mixture of premium and generic brands, it prides itself on having something for all budgets.

Whether you’re looking for sporty fashion clothing or fashionable athletic wear, discount sports retailers make it easy to find what you’re after, without even breaking a sweat.








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