Non-Medical Remedies To Tone And Improve Skin


There are a variety of ways that sagging facial skin occurs, from traditional suspects to genetics and weight loss, like sun exposure and smoking. When we age, our skin becomes elastic, collagenous, and fat, causing the skin to slip down the jawline, producing the annoyance that we know as jowls. But how can we treat the drooping skin around the jaw area? The easiest and fastest method for that is to undergo medical procedures. You can either go for an invasive or non-invasive procedure. If you’re too afraid to go under the knife, non-invasive procedures such as Botox Dysport, a jaw reduction treatment would be best for you. You can learn more about this jaw botox procedure through this good read.

Some people may not be ready for medical attention. Good thing certain non-medical options are available to improve your skin laxity.


Always Get 8 Hours Of Sleep

Sleeping does a great deal for our wellbeing. If you don’t have enough hours of sleep, your body loses energy, and your skin becomes dry. The longer you sleep, the greater the chance collagen fibres will start to develop.

Eight hours of sleep every night is ideal for a human. This gives the body more time to manufacture collagen in the body. The body also produces more HGH (human growth hormone) that contributes to the thickness of the skin and reduces the chances of wrinkling or sagging skin in the jaw area. But the body produces excess cortisol (a hormone which breaks skin cells) if a person does not get enough hours of sleep. This leads to depression of the skin.


Stay Hydrated All The Time

Drinking water aims at keeping the body hydrated and free of any contaminants that you consume during the day. Junk foods and sugary beverages are examples that the body has to dispose of foods containing toxins. These toxins attack the skin cells when you don’t drink enough water, leading to pimple breakouts.

When a person drinks eight glasses per day, the skin stays hydrated. This is because toxins are fluted, and collagen fibres are produced in the skin. In addition, the ageing process is slowing down.


Avoid The Sun And Wear Sunscreen

You might wonder why at such a young age, you have wrinkles. Too much sun exposure is one of the main causes. The harmful UV rays are known as the greatest enemy of the skin. UV kills the skin cells that cause depression and pigmentation of the skin. The only approach is to apply sunscreen regularly if you want to prevent UV rays from affecting the skin. After a couple of hours, you will need to reapply the sunscreen, so the product does not wear out. Consider wearing a hat and carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.


Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Treatments

While in-home remedies may not be the fastest solution for your skin issues, you can consider non-invasive procedures that ensure satisfactory results. Such treatments include:



Botox and Dermal filler are sometimes mistaken to be the same, but they have differences with their outcomes. Botox paralysis the muscle while fillers fill in the targeted area with substances. When the facial muscles relax, fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable slowly. Botox also tends to bring the skin down and lower the saggy look. Botox therapy can be found as an optimal cure for patients suffering from early symptoms of ageing. For any skin type and age, Botox is safe as well.



Microdermabrasion helps strengthen the skin by enhancing the development of collagen. Often the procedure can be called skin sanding. This is due to the device which is made of aluminium crystals in this treatment. You should seek medical treatment from your doctor if you have serious cases of saggy skin. The best outcomes from microdermabrasion can only be obtained at a clinic.



Fillers can be used for skin volume enhancement, acne marks can be healed, and even nasal treatments can be used. This is made possible by filling dermal filler substances in the affected area. These substances include hyaluronic acid, collagen, and lactic acid. Medical practitioners have used collagen usually for filler procedures, but researchers have noticed in years that hyaluronic acid has shown more successful results than collagen.


Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

Laser surface therapy is famous for being one of the most common solutions to eliminate wrinkles and other saggy skin cases. This procedure helps promote the development of collagen in the skin and decreases wrinkles. The device used in laser surface treatment delivers laser energy to the skin with greater accuracy than other treatment methods.

Laser resurfacing can, in some cases, be done while the patient is awake. This is known as “conscious sedation.” The drugs given to the patients help reduce their discomfort. This is possible. This is one of the safest and painless solutions for the laser surface. Your doctor may need several sessions of this therapy to produce better results.








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