5 Kid-Friendly Christian Mobile Apps


There are plenty of Christian mobile apps to choose from, but for the sake of convenience, we’ve put together a short list for you. These five apps are both Christian and kid-friendly. Whether you’re just getting started introducing your toddler to the Bible and their faith, or you’re looking for something to help your pre-teen understand the Bible, there’s something for everyone on this list.

We’ll cover the features of each mobile app, the cost (if any), and where you can find it. Read on to learn more about these awesome mobile apps!


1. Pray

Pray is one of the world’s foremost Christian mobile apps. With so many resources packed into one app, you can’t go wrong. Featuring audio Bible stories for families, a James Earl Jones audio Bible, sermons from popular evangelical speaker and pastor Sam Rodriguez, and daily prayers and devotionals, the app truly has it all.

You can also find Pray online at pray.com. Every story is read with care and attention to detail in a way that anyone can understand them—even the kids. The app is designed with families in mind, so you won’t have to worry about filtering anything out. Plus, your kiddos will probably love to hear the voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa reading the Bible!

Pray is free to use, and you’ll get access to a worldwide community as well as several other features. If you want the audio Bible, stories, and other premium content, you’ll have to purchase a subscription. However, for the sheer amount of content you’re getting access to, the premium package is entirely worth the cost.

Overall, Pray is a great value, offers tons of features, and is entirely family-friendly. You can download Pray in both the Android and Apple app stores.


2. Sunscool

If you’re looking for more of a Bible study app for kids, you need Sunscool. Sunscool doesn’t just tell Bible stories—it helps your kids live the stories through rich colors and details. With an immersive storyline, excellent graphic arts, and full control of the story, your child will understand the Bible like never before. 

There are also read-along stories available in several languages, which makes Sunscool one of the few apps on this list that supports multiple languages. Bible lessons have never been so beautifully crafted, accessible, and understandable.

You can find Sunscool on both the Apple and Android app stores for download. The app is free to use, so you won’t have to pay anything extra for the best features. We like this app for its ease of use, beautiful design, and truly comprehensive Bible studies. 


3. Bible App For Kids

This free app is designed for younger children between about 6 and 8 years old, but it works with younger children, too. The idea behind the app is to allow kids to explore the Bible, and so learn more about it in a way that’s suited to their learning needs. Kids have a much harder time sitting down to listen to Bible stories, and this app puts them right into the middle of the story to explore as they like.

They’ll learn fun facts and meet challenges along the way in order to earn rewards. Touch-activated animations and colorful pictures bring this stunning app to life in a way anyone can appreciate. It’s also free, so there are no premium plans to worry about.

This app is available in both the Apple and Google Play stores, but you can also learn more about it here.


4. Little Worship Company World

The Little Worship Company was founded in order to help kids connect with the Bible and God through resources and apps like this one. Little Worship Company World is an interactive children’s app that takes kiddos deep into the concept of worship through songs, puzzles, games, and more.

This is a subscription-based app, but you do get a free 7-day trial offer when you first sign up. The content is tailored for kids age 7 and up, and there’s new content uploaded to the app every week! Explore hundreds of videos and play games to increase your child’s faith.

You can find this app both on Apple and the Google Play Store.


5. Superbook Bible

The Superbook Kids Bible App is the last item on our list, but certainly not the least important. This free Apple and Android app is designed to help guide kids through the many stories and lessons of the Bible without getting caught up on the language and sometimes cryptic messaging of the text.

With videos and interactive content, kids will be more engaged with exploring the Bible, and trivia games and other puzzles will help test the knowledge they’ve gained while using the app. One great feature this app offers is customization. You can customize your highlighter color, take personal notes on specific verses, and much more.

The app is free to use and doesn’t offer a premium subscription, so you’ll get all of its great features upfront.



Apps are a great way to keep kids engaged with Bible stories and decode the messages the Bible has to offer in an easy-to-understand format. These five apps offer interactivity, great aesthetics, and a truly unique Bible experience for children.









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