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Choosing the right nanny is the second most important decision in your life following the one to become a parent. Nannies are in particularly great demand in the big cities around the USA, where finding a suitable nursery or kindergarten for your child can be very difficult.

While browsing through hundreds of online profiles of nannies near you, you may be asking yourself which one could possibly be the right match for your family. The right nanny should not only devote herself wholeheartedly to your children but also keep the balance between you and your significant other and quash possible tensions that may occur between you. 

If you think you have finally hit upon the right resume, it’s definitely a good idea to run a free background check on your candidate using a reliable online service like


What Type of Nanny Do I Need?

First, you should figure out how many days you’ll need her services each week. Also, consider the number of hours a day. Then, try to draft a flexible work schedule, and don’t forget to factor in possible extra hours during national holidays and at the weekend.

Then, you have to discuss with your spouse or partner if you’d need her to accompany you and the children on family trips around the country or abroad. Consider whether you will need her to work extra hours in the evening and, if so, how many. 

Once you’ve figured that out, check the current hourly rates for nannies in your area and try to attract the best candidates by offering a bit more. Suppose you’re planning to take the nanny along on family vacations. In that case, you’ll have to pay her travel, accommodation, and any other expenses in addition to the standard hourly rate in the contract.


Where to Look for a Nanny?

Obviously, you’ll mainly be looking for the right nanny online. The subscription fees of the most popular nanny databases in the USA are inexpensive, ranging from $20 to $35 per month. You can opt for a nanny and babysitting website that’s particularly popular in your area or ask a family friend for a recommendation. Posting a job ad for a nanny in the local newspaper is also an option, although a rather old fashioned one.


Take Your Time to Write an Appealing Job Ad

When writing the job description, watch out for two things. It should not be too brief and vague, because it would probably attract opportunistic teenagers rather than proven childcare professionals. Make it too long and descriptive, and the pros might just lose interest halfway through the ad.

A good job description should clearly list the nanny’s schedule and responsibilities as well as any specific requirements that you may have. You may draft a proposal and then use the resources of a freelance website to have it composed by a professional writer.


Do a Thorough Background Check on Every Candidate

The screening process should not be limited to reviewing the shortlisted candidates’ resumes for relevant childcare experience. You should also call any former employers and try to get as much info as you can, even if you have to ask some uncomfortable questions. You must also establish that the selected nanny has a clean bill of health with all the necessary vaccinations.

For extra peace of mind, you can run a background check on the candidate using a free or paid people lookup service. You’ll get access to your future nanny’s traffic records, employment and education history, and even social media accounts. In any case, running a brief background check is a convenient way to crosscheck and verify the info on her resume.


I Have Chosen a Nanny, but I Don’t Like the Check Results

Turning down a promising candidate based on an online people lookup alone isn’t a good idea. Experts advise discussing the critical points of the background check with the candidate if you find any negative information. Try to figure out whether she’s likely to commit the same violations again. Sometimes people learn from their mistakes and use the experience to their advantage later in life. 









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