10 Decor Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Cosy Autumn and Winter



The world around us keeps on evolving. Each season fades away to give room to a new one. The summer heat is dwindling fast and it will not be long before autumn and winter kick in. During these seasons, the temperatures start feeling cooler, skiers get greyer and leaves on trees start to change color. To make your home as cosy and inviting as possible, here are 10 simple decor tips that can transform your home into a pleasant haven.


Get Organised

It’s time to declutter and put away all the bits and pieces that are no longer in use. It’s paramount to invest in storage for safekeeping of your items. Throw away any out-of-date products to create room for fresh items for autumn and winter.


Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a crucial step in winterising your home. This involves cleaning the gutters to allow room for water and snow to flow freely from the rooftop. This ensures no build-up of ice and snow as it may damage the roof. It would be easier to wait until all the leaves around the house have fallen then climb on a ladder and clear them.


Cosy Up the Living Room

During autumn, the air starts to grow cooler hence the need to create a warm and fun atmosphere. To give your space a blast of autumn cheer, invest in quality charming luxury sofas for your living room and load it up with fleece blankets and snug throw pillows.


Warm Up the Bedroom

Adding a few accessories to a bedroom can instantly transform a bedroom. Turn your space into a warm and restful area by adding some thick textiles to the bed. A vase of fall flowers at the bedside will add to the natural warmth of a room.


Test All Home Safety Devices

Autumn is the perfect time to start turning on the heating, replacing the batteries of smoke detectors as well as lighting up the fireplace. It’s vital to check that these devices are in proper working order. If your home has a central AC, it may be necessary to cover the outdoor unit for winter.


Stock Up on Firewood

If space allows you to have a fireplace, it’s wise to stock up on dry firewood that should be properly stored. This will save you the panic when winter comes and keep you warm in your home.


Go Green

Autumn colors are more natural and subtle. This colors can be balanced with the introduction of green house plants across the floor and on windowsills and tabletops.


Add On Carpets and Rugs

Autumn and winter call for one to add on more rugs and carpets into their space. Opt for shades within the same tone to make the home feel harmonious and welcoming.


A Statement Display Piece

Pumpkins are the ultimate autumn vegetable. What better way to celebrate this iconic gourd than pairing it with several lanterns for a spectacular display along the hallway.


Mood Lighting

Lighting is key in our everyday lives. A well-lit room assures an inviting and functional atmosphere in a home. For autumn, it’s recommended to add multiple sources of lights for a mellow ambience.










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