3 Easy and Delicious Ideas For Your Kids’ First Baking Experience


Baking is one of life’s greatest pleasures – not many things can beat the flavor of a freshly baked pastry, whether it is a simple, plain muffin, or an elaborate, layered birthday cake. The trivial combination of a sweet flavor and a mushy, inviting texture can wake up a child even in the grumpiest of adults. 

If you have a child of your own, and you want them to learn to appreciate the art of baking just like you have in the past, there is no better way to teach than through practice. Spending an afternoon in the kitchen, trying to make their first-ever baking attempt a success can be a lot of fun. Not to mention the fact that there are only a few better family bonding experiences than cooking together! 

Before getting around to the actual baking, you need to make sure that you’ve got all the necessary ingredients. If you need to hop out and do some shopping, take your little bundles of joy with you to teach them another valuable lesson: never save on baking ingredients! If your local supermarket does not sell good quality products, it might be better to postpone the bake-off and order them online from shops such as Santa Barbara Chocolate and other sites that specialize in delivering high-quality foodstuffs. 

Don’t forget – this baking experience should be catered towards the kids! Don’t pick out a complicated recipe for their first time in front of the oven, as it might easily discourage your children from trying again. If you lack inspiration for baking with kids, check out the three simple ideas listed below! 


Snickers Cookies 

These cookies with a very familiar, characteristic flavor are guaranteed to be a hit with children and adults alike. What sets them apart from many other baked goods is the ease with which they can be made. And that’s not all! Most of the work was done for you by Mars, Incorporated in the form of Snickers bars, which you’re going to be using as the main source of that sweet, caramelly flavor in your cookies. 

Besides a couple of the candy bars mentioned above, you will need some soft butter, eggs, caster and brown sugar, and some milk chocolate. Of course, no baking has ever gotten done without a couple of cups of flour, which you will also need to have at the ready. 

With prep time estimated to be around ten minutes, the cookies only need fifteen minutes in the oven to fully come together. This means that the entire time needed to prepare these delicious treats is a little under half an hour. And after the kids try them, you can be sure that they’ll beg you to allow them to make a few more batches! 


Chocolate Ripple Cupcakes 

Just a little bit more complicated than the previous project, these tiny cupcakes can ensure a fun, albeit messy time in the kitchen for the entire family. Another great feature of this recipe is that besides baking, your children will have a chance to try and prepare their first-ever frosting! 

Aside from the standard baking ingredients, such as milk, eggs, flour, butter, and sugar, you will have to provide vanilla essence and cocoa powder – they are crucial when it comes to making the flavor come out just right. Another component that you shouldn’t forget about is icing sugar for the frosting. Technically, it can be replaced with regular sugar, but the effect won’t be quite the same. 

It will take you about 35 minutes to get through both preparation and the actual baking, which makes these chocolate ripple cupcakes a great project for birthday parties and larger gatherings, as you can make loads of them in very brief periods of time. 


Cinnamon Blondies 

Every child loves a blondie cake! Just like brownies and chocolate muffins, blondies can be considered one of the staples of baked desserts, alongside classics such as chocolate chip cookies. There is just something captivating and addictive about the texture of blondies and brownies that keeps us reaching for more every time they appear within our sights. 

You won’t be needing many ingredients that you don’t already have to make these wonderful blondies with a cinnamon twist. Besides your usual milk, eggs, sugar, flour, and butter, you’ll want to get some white chocolate ready, as well as a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Another ingredient that you can easily skip is macadamias if someone in your family is allergic to nuts. If there are no health risks involved, you should definitely include them in the mix, as they add quite a bit of nuance to the cake. 

Given the nature of this recipe, you will have to wait significantly longer for the blondies to come out of the oven – the baking time is estimated to last around 45 minutes. Prep time, on the other hand, shouldn’t take you longer than 10-15 minutes. 


Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many quick and easy ways to introduce your kids to the world of baking. While it certainly is great fun for the whole family, you should always remember to keep an eye on your children when they’re in the kitchen. They might be ready to bake, but they’re still little people who could easily get hurt or burnt in the cooking environment.











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