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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of finally getting the keys to your new home. The excitement of a bigger space, modern rooms, perhaps a garden or a nicer neighbourhood – all these things (as well as the stress of buying a house being finally over) combine to give you that thrill of new homeownership. 

But what happens when you’ve been there a few years? Sometimes the cracks are starting to show, and the aspects of your home that first seemed quirky and cute are now becoming annoying. Maybe your family’s grown in that time, and you don’t have quite enough space anymore. Or you never end up hosting Christmas and important family occasions because you just don’t have quite enough space.

Whatever the reason, if you’re starting to check Rightmove just a few times too often to be speculative and have found yourself getting frustrated with the little things, instead of thinking about moving it’s worth considering what home improvements you could make.

There are always options of extending, expanding and improving your existing home, and below we’ve listed the pros and cons of the most common extensions. 

Just ensure that you are always working with accredited builders who clearly display their partnerships with recognised trade bodies, one such construction firm in the south-east of England londonandkent.co.uk is an excellent example of this. High standard trade bodies such as the National House Building Council, means that you can trust the quality and assurance of your contractors and workforce for whatever renovations you decide to make.

Loft Conversion

This is one of the most popular home renovations with one in four London properties either having had or undergoing loft conversions. It can give you a vast amount of extra space, and loft conversions can add up to three extra rooms to your property. Think about it – your loft runs the entire length and width of your home so, depending on the pitch of your roof and how feasible it is to build right to the edges, you could gain an entire additional floor. 

This is the perfect space to add in a home office, one to two more bedrooms with an extra bathroom or en suite. Loft conversions can add up to 20% of your property’s worth and so are a much more economical way to add value and refresh your home than actually moving.  

A loft conversion is also usually cheaper per square metre than a traditional extension as it doesn’t involve any major structural work. It also has the advantage of not losing any space from the garden, which an extension will do. If, during the summer months, your garden becomes your second living room, every inch of that green space may be precious, and a loft conversion will mean you get to keep every bit of it.

There are a few disadvantages to a loft conversion. Depending on the pitch of the roof, up to two metres of the space can be lost due to low sloping ceilings. This might make the conversion better suited to a children’s playroom than a master bedroom. There is also the potential for loss of storage. 

If your loft is currently a hoarding place for old bikes, bits of furniture, boxes of inherited… stuff, then you might have to either rejig areas in the rest of the house or face a serious declutter.

Extending Your Property

This is a fantastic way of extending living spaces already situated in one area of the house. For example, if your kitchen is beginning to be a bit on the small side, then extending it out into the back garden could give you the kitchen of your dreams. Think skylights, breakfast bars, and dining tables with room for everyone by sunny patio doors looking out into the garden. 

You could also get a multi-storey extension or basement conversion, meaning that you won’t just be adding space onto the ground floor of your property, but you’ll gain space upstairs too which could be turned into an additional bedroom or bathroom. Another popular extension option is to turn the garage into additional living space. However, this can detract from the value on your home if there’s no other option for off-street parking.

Conservatories or orangeries built onto the back of your home are a very desirable option and, even if you aren’t looking to sell your home now, then will certainly add value further down the line which is always advantageous.

Traditional extensions can be costly but ultimately, mean that your home can grow with you and will give it a new lease of life. So, if you’ve found yourself looking at properties for sale, change your search and try thinking about where you can expand instead.







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