Kitchen Makeovers on a Budget

kitchen on a budget

Home improvements are a wonderful thing, it’s the difference between a house and a home, and the heart of a home is a kitchen! but there are so many things that could be done and maybe you think they are out of reach or not In your budget. Have no fear! There are ways to give your kitchen a makeover, even on a shoe string budget.

Some of the lower costing home improvements include a lick of paint, updating cabinets or the kitchen lighting, This can go a long way when you are wanting to refresh the overall feel of your kitchen space. Alternatively, stores such as Kitchen Warehouse can help you to achieve a fresh new look whatever your budget.


Start with a budget

If you don’t consider setting a budget, you could quickly hit funding walls and it is much better to allow your creative juices to flow within a cost bracket. Then you know what your limitations are and can avoid any pitfalls on unnecessary planning problems along the way.

Also decide on how relevant your plans are, have you moved permanently or are you just renting? Renters should spend a lot less as you don’t know how long you will be at the property. You can research all of your costs online or visit local home improvement stores to price up how much everything will be, you can also ask the store workers to help with this, and they usually do it for free!


Think of the logistics

If you are going for a full makeover, then look at where you are living, the neighbourhood and the general cost of living in the area. Sometimes putting high-end additions into a home in a low economy area will make you lose money and you won’t see a return on investment.

The same goes for if you use sub-par products, installations etc but live in an affluent area, this will also make you lose money on your investments. Match your surroundings as much as you can in how much you spend and the style of kitchens for sale that you opt for.


Cabinets change the feel of everything

Popular cabinet options? Go for matte nickel, burnished bronze or vintage style glass, they are a quick way to make even the most dated cabinets look brand spanking new. Another amazing update trick is to replace sink faucets, they come in a million different styles, (don’t quote us on that!) making them easy to color co-ordinate with your chosen kitchen theme.

Also look to see if you can replace kitchen counter tops, this will get rid of any old stains, cracks or generally dated looking furniture. The best kitchen work surfaces are laminate, granite or quartz but can be quite expensive.

Be the artist and be creative.





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