Top Tips to Minimise your House Cleaning


A messy house is a big headache! You don’t want to arrive home from work with an unkempt kitchen or living room.

House cleaning is one of the most significant aspects of maintaining a household – whether big or small. It is an obligation that we are all required to follow as a member of a home.

In reality, many of us are too busy earning our salaries for our family, which sometimes leads to skipping household chores such as cleaning. The truth is… house cleaning is not that difficult to organise as long as you train everyone in the family to become responsible!

In that way, your home will be more organised, and you can minimise house cleaning. There are also some practical tips that you should keep in mind to minimise house cleaning such as:

At MaidForYou, we have compiled these top tips to minimise house cleaning.


Clean as you go

Train everyone in your household to “clean as you go” and to treat small dirt big. Cleaning while you go means the build-up of dirt is tiny and can be cleaned or removed in a few sweeps or wipes.

Do not stack laundry in one corner and wait for it to pile up.(latest News) Regularly washing your soiled clothes, linen and curtains can minimise your cleaning duties.

Clean as you go” is the most effective tactic to maintain a clean and organised household. It can reduce your cleaning duties in the long run and help you relax in a well-kept home after a stressful day.

Minimise the dirt

If you spot dirt, clean it! Please do not wait for days to wipe it. Cleaning it now will require a little time while cleaning it later will take hours.

Wipe the kitchen table and countertop after you use it. Small crumbs could be hard to get off if left for a long time, and insects may start attacking the food crumbs.

Use kitchen cleaners when you wipe the tables and countertop. It can avoid grease, stop bad smells and the proliferation of bacteria in your kitchen.


Dust the furniture

Dust the furniture everyday. Regularly dusting your furniture takes 5 to 10 minutes while dusting it once a month will take hours to get it done.

Moreover, regularly dusting the furniture can maintain the circulation of clean air in your home. It also prevents dangerous air pollutants from growing, leading to mild respiratory problems and expensive medication.

It is also essential to use a proper duster to ensure that the furniture surface is free from dust and dirt. As an option, you should also use a clean wet cloth to wipe the furniture surfaces.


Keep the kitchen and toilet dry

Unkempt kitchens are greasy, and wet toilet areas are unsanitary. It takes time and strength to scrub off heavy dirt in your kitchen or toilet. Expect heavy scrubbing if your kitchen or bathroom is left uncleaned for a long time.

Keep your kitchen dry by wiping the grease and gunk after cooking. Wipe off traces of toothpaste or skincare products on the sink after brushing your teeth or having a bath.

The kitchen and toilet are the most used part of your home. Keeping them dry all the time means less cleaning for you. If you find it difficult to stay on top of it all,  learn about house cleaning Denver. 


Have a collection of wipes

Having a big collection of wipes in the cupboard can help minimise your house cleaning duties. Be certain that everyone in the household knows where to find them! 

The microfiber wipe is best because it absorbs water and dries quickly. Disposable kitchen wipes are also an advantage because it saves you a lot of time doing the washing.

A collection of wipes in your home can save you hours of house cleaning. It can also help maintain a dust and dirt free surface and clean air in your home.   


Never pile up your dishes!

Put the soiled dishes in the dishwasher as soon as you’re done with it. Do not wait for the mould to reproduce in your dirty dishes. 

Cleaning dishes after cooking or eating is a good habit that you should develop as it prevents you from spending so much time on your washing up.

There is no need for heavy scrubbing if you wash your dishes right away. Do the washing up now! 



Practice clean as you go! If you see dirt, clean it right away.

Regular house cleaning entails minimised household duties. It stops you from spending so much time scrubbing dishes or doing the laundry. 

The lesser time you spend cleaning your home now, the more time you will spend later. You can minimise House cleaning only if everyone in the household is cooperative and if you inform everyone of some basic knowledge. 

Clean your home NOW and do it again tomorrow and the next and the day after!

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