Quick and Easy Kitchen Makeovers

kitchen makeover


The kitchen is the main room of any home, where people can cook, eat, work and talk to each other. As such, having it look good is a must. These five easy tips will make your kitchen look better than ever before.


1: Furniture

Everyone knows furniture is the centrepiece of any kitchen or dining room combo. If your chairs don’t match the table, or the vases on the shelves are mismatched, or you have three different tablecloths of different bright/patterned colours, people will notice, and chances are it’ll be the very first thing they notice. The best thing to do is to match colour with colour and material with material, so every piece of furniture and its counterpart blends together perfectly.


2: Countertops and Shelves

Countertops and shelves can be made with a multitude of materials, ranging from wood and granite to plastic and toughened glass. Not only do they have a fashionable purpose in making everything in the room look much better, especially if you have a knack for organizing your personal items, it also has a much more functional use of increasing the amount of usable space in your kitchen, meaning you have much more freedom to do your regular kitchen activities without being forced to squeeze past piles and piles of things that have been left there. A place for everything, and everything in its place!


3: Colours

In kitchens, colours have been used for either one of two things: matching each other or differing in a complementary fashion. White-white, black-white, or blue-light green are some colour combos that have been proven to work time and time again, although of course, with different shapes, sizes, locations, and levels of light in your kitchen, it’s an imperfect art, so you’ll just have to find what works for you!

While darker colours can lend a cleaner, neater look to the room (and won’t demand so much cleaning of food stains or grubby prints, especially in a household with one or more children or pets).


4: Flooring

Across the board, carpets in a kitchen are considered a huge negative, which makes sense when you consider that kitchens are mainly for cooking, eating and drinking, none of which are conducive to an easy floor-cleaning experience in the case of a carpet. The alternative most people choose instead are either tiles or wooden flooring, which makes cleaning up after a messy spill or cooking accident much simpler.


5: Lighting

Lighting is the most important thing you can think about in a kitchen. With proper lighting, you can make your kitchen look much roomier and cleaner, as well as give it all a productive but relaxing atmosphere. You can experiment with windows, fairy lights, shades, lamps and different lightbulbs with different intensities and colours to find what truly works best for your particular kitchen scenario. And even if your kitchen is located in a low-light area, with strategic placing of mirrors and a bit of intuitive paintwork, you can easily brighten the room up.











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