Undermount kitchen sinks: Why buy it and how?


A kitchen has so many distinct elements in it that you have to make sure all of them coexist in harmony or contrast with each other peacefully. That’s why sometimes it feels like a challenge to remodel a kitchen. You have to pay attention to the individuality of everything yet ensuring that none becomes overpowering in its own right. Then, you also have to see that it is the most comfortable space ever since you spend a considerable amount of time there cooking meals or entertaining your guests. When you think of factors like convenience, one feature that matters most is the continuity of the countertop. 

The worktop should allow you to roll your dough on one side and to dice veggies and meats on the other, after getting washed in the sink. Since an undermount sink sits discretely in the countertop’s cut-out from beneath, it doesn’t immediately draw your attention. It lets the worktop to be the hero of your kitchen shunning all the limelight. That means if you have picked a stone material for your countertop for its sophistication, then undermount sink in stainless steel can fit there like a glove. It will remain inconspicuous, but its subtle presence will balance it all.

Everyone has their reason for choosing the undermount installation type. You, too, can have your viewpoints about it. No matter what they are, you can trust it to: 

  • Increase the refined look of your interior décor
  • Enhance the visual appeal of the worktop
  • Blend with the overall environment in a snap
  • Complement stone, granite, and composite worktops
  • Make your kitchen spacious

From this, you can comfortably conclude that undermount sink can be the best bet if you want your countertop to be the star of your kitchen. It will not only add value in terms of functionality but concept also. Attached from under the worktop, it can fulfill all your décor-related demands effortlessly. 

Some homeowners prefer undermount design for a variety of practical and aesthetic reasons. You might also get inspired after reading why they choose it. So, let’s dig into them one by one.

Reasons for buying undermount sink


In a busy kitchen, the sink is one of the most vulnerable features to face the ravages of stain, dirt, grime, and abrasion. Whether you cut tomatoes, cheese, olives, or something else, the pieces will fly and scatter here and there on the worktop. But you don’t have to take a headache about cleaning. In one swipe, you can bring all the remnants from the counter into the basin. The design of the undermount sink doesn’t allow it to trap any residue because of the lack of edges. Therefore, you don’t struggle with the cleaning job.

Practical and aesthetic feature

The restrained and delicate designs of the undermount sink tend to be the highlights. These also speak of its functionality and presence. The rimless design allows the worktop to flow into the edges of the sink while adding focus to it. Since the surface remains flat, your countertop feels to be spacious. Hence, this can be the cause for you to make it a part of your favorite place in the house.


The depth of these sinks doesn’t ever let you miss their big size. With a small basin also, you can perform your daily cleaning and rinsing tasks like a pro, thanks to the availability of particular accessories, such as colanders and grids. Because there is almost everything that you might need for smooth operation, you don’t get the feeling of missing out on something vital. And, yes, if the sink is small, you tend to face organizational issues more often.  But as you can see, you don’t need to worry about that with the modern models.

Now, you must be thinking about the sink material even if you are sure that undermount installation is your choice. Well, if you genuinely want your countertop to grab all attention, then choose undermount stainless steel kitchen sink. It will reduce your cleaning efforts a bit more while also helping you to save some extra money. To make this the right option, you have to ensure a few things from your end.

Points to consider when buying stainless steel undermount kitchen sink


You need to look at the available space in your kitchen and the size of the basin to create a perfect balance. The bowl has to be wide and deep so that you can store tall stockpots in it with ease. But at the same time, you would need to see that its width doesn’t cross the edges of the cabinets and countertops.


When you consider stainless steel as a choice, you need to pay attention to the number of metal sheets used in it. A thick stainless-steel sink will have a lower gauge, while a higher gauge sink will have a thinner layer of the metal. If you don’t want to deal with dents and noise, then you can focus on the range of 16 to 22 gauge. 


Usually, a shiny mirror finish tends to attract people the most. You can enjoy its sparkling character in a showroom, but it won’t be easy to handle it when you use it. The polish can spoil due to fingerprints and stains. So, if you don’t want to take this risk, then opt for a satin finish that doesn’t let water spots and scratches to gain prominence.

So, these are a few things about undermount stainless steel sinks that may make you get one for your kitchen. Stainless steel is already a common choice in many households, and undermount has also been enjoying everyone’s attention for a long time. Just make sure you buy this type of sink from a reliable and branded store only. A well-established brand can offer you an excellent warranty period and quality assurance. Hence, whatever money you spend, you will have at least peace of mind that you made the right decision. Another thing is, in stainless steel undermount options, you can come across single and double bowl systems, which you can easily decide if you are conscious about your habits.







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