Tips to Take your Dog on a Bike Ride

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Dogs are great companions. You need to take good care of your dog by feeding it with the best large breed puppy food, healthy snacks and ensure that you exercise it regularly. Daily dog walks helps to enhance your pet’s general health. It is equally a perfect way for the two of you to bond. Based on the age of your dog, daily walks can be enough. However, some dogs need extra exercises such as bike rides for added fun. 

Having a dog bike is fun, healthy and an amazing way to go an adventure with your Fido. Similarly, it is one of the best ways to help your dog learn more about leashes. Biking, however, needs proper preparation and more practise to perfect your rides. When done right, biking is safe and entertaining. Here are vital tips to take your dog on a bike ride. 


Understand your Dog 

Understanding your dog is the best way to get started. Know the age of your day and analyse its abilities before taking it on a bike ride. This will help you to design a good plan or exercise routine that allows the two of you to enjoy quality bike rides. 

Before your rides, consider taking your dog for a routine check. A vet will evaluate its health status and advice you accordingly on how many hours you can enjoy the bike ride. Remember, dogs with bigger legs can enjoy running and bike rides better than dogs with shorter legs. 

Start Small and Easy

It is wise to start small and easy. Get a smaller shorter bike to determine how the dog behaves. Does it like the ride or not. Most importantly, keep in mind that bike riding is a progressive routine that needs patience and consistency. Alternatively, you can start small walks with your pet with a bike. This is always an easy and effective way to help your dog to adjust to bike rides. 

Similarly, a bike ride with the dog for a few minutes, then 30mins or so is a great start. However, you need to monitor your dog regularly. Patience is key because, for some dogs, this can be a hectic and tiring process. In this case, a positive attitude and reinforcement help to take your dog on a bike ride. 

Observe Safety 

Safety is paramount for bike rides with your dogs. Take into consideration your fido’s paws since they are quite sensitive on rough terrain. Therefore, avoid bike rides on asphalt pavements. Instead, choose to ride on grass or other trails that cannot harm your dog. You can also purchase booties for your dog. It is a good idea that allows your dog to keep up with dog rides without getting hurt. During your rides, it is also advisable that you take short breaks to check on your pet. Check for small cuts and appreciate your dog for the distance covered. You may also want to invest in a GPS tracker for your dog just in case he decides to take a wander!


Snacks and Water are Essential 

Bike rides can be tiring. You will get tired and thirsty along the way. Therefore, carry water and snacks for you and the dog. Ensure you have a bowl for the dog to drink from. To keep the environment clean, you need a collapsible bowl for the dog. Keeping your dog hydrated helps to restore its energy for more enjoyable dog rides. 

Bike on Wheels

Not all dogs can run safely as you lead on a bike. This is even worse if the terrain you are riding on is husky. In such a case, you do not have to withdraw your dog from bike rides. The dog can ride on wheels. You will find an array of bikes in the market that are specially designed for dog bike rides. Choose what’s best for your dog. 

You can go for bikes with carriers and baskets. These are great for bike rides with smaller dogs, since you can easily attach the back rack and the handlebar to the bicycle for safe and enjoyable rides. 


Similarly, you can choose dog trailers for carrying medium-sized and large dogs. In this case, you need to consider the unique features of the bike, the size and weight capacities. A quality and durable trailer is an ideal option to settle for. 

Long cargo bikes are also available in the market for bigger dog breeds. They mimic normal bikes. However, they have a back wheel that can be adjusted to 15 inches. 

Whatever the bike you choose, start small. Consider places that can offer unlimited fun so that your dog can enjoy and look forward to more dog bike ride moments.


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