Travel Tips: How to Use Trusted Home Caregivers

Like most people, we love to travel when we have the opportunity. But traveling can be expensive, so we don’t do it as much as we really want. Recently, I found a great travel trick that has helped us combine traveling with one of our other pet care loves.

The countries where I have seen more “seats” recently are


You can sign up to be a home caregiver, who we are, or you can put your home to be a home while you’re away. People who publish their homes have at least one animal that must be taken care of while they are away. Most of the time it is a dog or a cat, but sometimes they can be other animals, such as


I still haven’t met any other animals, but there is always the possibility that something else is not on this list. Ultimately, if you have pets, you can register as a host and as a house keeper. Since we don’t have pets, I only signed up as a home caregiver.

Configure your profile

Once you decide if you want to be a host or a hostess, or both, you must set up your profile. If you decide to be both, you will have two different profiles. One will be for the care of the house, which is what we have, and the other will have more information about his house and his pets, so that one is deeper.

To set up a home caregiver profile, you will need the following information

– About your section – This is one of the most important parts, so take your time completing this section.
– Ages of adults who plan to travel
– At least 2 references – This is a very important part of the profile and may take longer to achieve.
– Availability calendar for the year. – You can change this at any time, but as a caretaker, I am not sure it is as relevant as when you are a host.
– Showy profile title – This is quite easy if you are a writer, like me, because we do it all the time for articles!
– Occupation – I am not sure why this is relevant, but it is a requirement
– Previous experience with home care, if any
– Pet care experience – We link to our Rover profile so people can see our reviews and photos of us taking care of animals.


Photographs of you and anyone who may be taking care of your home – We have photos only of my spouse and I, as well as some with our children, because we travel both ways, with and without children.

– Preferred countries to host in – I chose them all just to see what appears, but you can change this at any time.
– Where you currently reside – I am not sure why this is relevant, but it is a requirement.
– Why do you want to host it?
– Who will you travel with

While this may seem like a lot of work, once this is done, you are ready to apply for housing. However, if you plan to stay, you should create another profile with the same information, but also add many photos of your home and your pets. Interested and want more info? You should visit








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