What Do You Mean by Fitness?


The term ‘fitness’ is wide-ranging and it means something different to each individual. However, in a nutshell, fitness describes your own optimal health as well as your total well-being.

Being fit means physical health as well as emotional and mental health. ‘Fitness’ defines every part of your health. Eating smartly and active living are core to fitness.

Experts in the health and wellness industry say that when you are fit, you display the following characteristics:

  • Energy to do what’s essential for you as well as to be more productive.
  • Stamina, in addition to a positive outlook. This assists you with handling the mental challenges and emotional ups and downs of everyday life. In addition, it also helps you to cope with stressful situations.
  • Lessened risk for a lot of health problems, for example heart disease, cancer, diabetes as well as osteoporosis.
  • The opportunity to look and feel your best.
  • Physical strength, as well as endurance, in order to overcome physical challenges.
  • An improved chance for a better quality of life and perhaps a longer life as well.

What is physical fitness?

When individuals talk about ‘fitness’, the primary aspect that pops into their minds is outward appearances. An individual who is perceived as being ‘physically fit’ is looked at as having a lean as well as a toned body. Otherwise, a ‘fit person’ is seen as having well-defined muscles.

But what happens if these characteristics can’t be seen? What if the individual is carrying slightly more weight than they should be? If this is the case, should you discount that individual as being unhealthy and not giving a thought to their fitness levels? 

There are several different types of physical fitness. These are:

  • Aerobic
  • Anaerobic
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular endurance and strength.

It is possible for you to perform amazingly well in one area of fitness but perform miserably in another area. For example, if you’re an avid cyclist, you’ll be extremely aerobically fit but if you don’t train with weights regularly you won’t have a lot of strength or muscular endurance. 

If you’re an enthusiastic weightlifter, you’ll be extremely fit from a muscular endurance and strength perspective. However, if you don’t regularly perform cardio – for example, rowing, running on the treadmill or cycling – your cardio fitness levels won’t be all that good.

Mental fitness

When we’re look at ‘mental fitness’, we’re speaking about your mind being in peak condition. Your brain is a muscle. It needs to be exercised in the same way as muscles in the other parts of your body do. The more that your work out your brain, the fitter it will become. As you can’t send your on a gym session, there are several ways that you can stay mentally fit.

Start Doing Yoga

In today’s digitally savvy world , where we are being bombarded constantly with information, our minds are continually flitting from one thought to another.  We don’t take the time to check in with ourselves and listen to our bodies:

  • Are we feeling exhausted or stressed out? 
  • Do we feel a cold starting? 
  • Do we need to take some time off to rejuvenate? 

We’re constantly pushing ourselves owing to outside stimuli such as pressures and deadlines. We ignore our body which is trying to tell us that it requires some attention. As we overlook these signs, we turn out to be less mentally fit. In addition, we become less able to think creatively – which ultimately hurts our work life.

Yoga centres us. This ancient discipline focuses our minds on the here and now. It forces us to listen in on what our bodies are saying. Yoga does this by forcing us to focus on its slow and steady positions as if we don’t concentrate , we could very easily lose our balance and fall.

Begin exercising outdoors

Working out in the gym is great but being outdoors when you are exercising provides you with an extra added benefit for your mental fitness. When you’re outside, you can feel the wind as well as the sun on your face. You can freely breathe in the fresh air. You’re not side-tracked by the music playing in the gym or the television. The natural elements assist you with focusing your attention on what’s going on within you. This allows you the headspace to come up with responses to questions that you’ve been grappling with. Through this process you are allowed the mental freedom to begin tackling other things that you need to.

As we can see from this article, ‘fitness’ has a lot of different meanings. Numerous people interpret the idea of being fit very differently. However, you need to be content with how you look as well as with how you feel fitness wise. A lot of individuals can tell you exactly what they think that you should be doing in terms of fitness, but this is what they feel. It’s not you. You need to decide how you want to approach your fitness journey because, if it comes from you, you’ll stick to it. 

If you need professional help in planning out a fitness routine you should consider consulting a professional personal trainer to guide you in the right direction.  







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