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Owning a great robe means that your robe can help you to stay warm, it can cover you up, and it helps in making your morning routine more pleasant. Plush robes are a small luxury where you can splurge on just a little. This article will guide you with the best robes that stood out in terms of softness, style, comfort, and practicality. 

Not all robes are guaranteed to work for everyone, but it is highly likely the most people will really find a great match here.  


The Best Plush Robes Based on Your Needs

Best stylish terry robe for women – Lunya’s The Robe

Lunya’s The Robe is French terry that feels like soft, knit athletic wear. This hugs the body and keeps it cool in hot weather. This robe is great because of its dramatic cut, high-low hemline, and double-duty collar. The other robes that were picked have traditional designs and straightforward details, but Lunya’s The Robe is made of pure fashion and clever comfort. The collar of The Robe can be worn open to reveal your neck, or it can also be closed with a hook at the shoulder thereby creating a cowl-neck. This is made of thin cotton or modal French terry which is flat on one side and looped on the other. The Robe has seamed, decorative panels that will reveal both sides of the fabric. This is also very soft and cool on the skin and it had held up beautifully even after five washes. 

The Robe’s sleeves are long and fitted, so it will feel more like a piece of clothing than just a robe. This is the only robe that has been picked for adults with an attached belt and the in-seam pockets are also nice and deep. It is also less stretchy as compared to the jersey knit robes that have been tested.  This robe is also more flattering to the curves. It is also a power robe that made one of the testers feel like they are a Disney villain in the best way. 

One drawback of this robe is that it comes only in colors black, white, and gray. The color black was tested and it picked up a fair amount of fuzz by just walking around the house. The biggest sized offered was also tested and this worked for a size 16 female but it may not work for sizes beyond that. 

The raw high-low hemline of The Robe is also designed to make climbing the stairs easier, but if the length is too long, Lunya also offers directions on how you can cut the bottom hem so that the robe will fit you. 

The Robe is available in women’s sizes of extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. It is made out of 48 percent cotton, 48 percent modal, 4 percent spandex and is available in colors black, white and gray. 


Best terry robe after a shower – The Company Store Company Cotton Robe

This robe will make you feel fluffy and not at all stiff. This also wraps around the body like a soft blanket. The Company Cotton Robe is great because this is a comfortable robe that will dry your skin after taking a shower. This robe is one of the best unisex robes that has been tried. And it is one of the favorite terry robes to wear. This robe absorbs water without clinging to the body and it is also thinner and less stiff than the L.L.Bean and Snowe terry robes. 

Out of the five tested terry robes, the Company Cotton robe has held up better in the wash than the others. The robe has no problems with snags, pulls, pilling or color fading even after several rounds in the washer and dryer. The robe will get fuzzier because of use, but this just makes the robe even softer. 

This terry robe is thinner than the others that were tested, so this robe is not the warmest terry robe. However, it can still keep you toasty out of the shower and around the house. The sleeves are also designed to be cuffed, but this makes it a good five inches shorter than the sleeves of the other terry robes that were tried. 

This robe is available in unisex small, medium, large, and extra-large. The Company Cotton Robe is made out of 100 percent cotton and is available in ten colors. 


Best super-warm fleece robe – The L.L. Bean Women’s Winter Fleece Robe

This robe will make you feel soft and cozy just like wrapping yourself up in a fleece blanket. This is a great robe out of the others that have been tested because this robe was the warmest. L.L. Bean’s Winter Fleece Robe was incredibly comfortable to wear while you are lounging and sitting at a desk, and even though the robe is made of polyester, it will not make you sweat as what commonly happens when wearing synthetic fabrics. 

A tester who has a 5-foot-2 height, this robe was ankle-length but it did not cause the tester to trip, and when tested outdoors, the length has kept drafts away better than the other robes. So, you can possible walk your dogs in the snow while you are wearing it. This also has an inside tie in order to help it keep to be securely closed, and the pockets of the robes are big enough to keep your phone and hands. 

L.L. Bean’s Winter Fleece robe has shrunk less during wash tests and this also comes in a zip-up version, so you should have this if you like that style of robe or if you want a robe that will stay completely closed at the legs when you are sitting down. 

However, when the robe was washed, this created a lot of static electricity and has picked up a fair amount of link by just walking around in it. Thus, dryer sheets are somewhat essential when washing it. You should also be careful when you are to touch doorknobs while you are wearing the robe because you will really get zapped because of the static electricity. 

L.L.Bean’s Winter Fleece robe is available in women’s petite from extra small to large and misses from extra-small to large. The robe’s material is made out of 100 percent polyester and is available in colors light blue, navy, and purple. 



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