How to Help Your Teens With Acne Breakouts


Acne or pimples seem to be a rite of passage when it comes to the teen years. Almost every teen has a blemish at some point. Acne’s severity can certainly vary among teens too. As a parent, it’s important to talk about acne breakouts and help teens throughout their adolescence. Acne can be both a physical and mental frustration.

1. Talk About the Real Causes

There are a lot of myths surrounding acne. Many teens believe that chocolate or fatty foods are to blame for the blemishes. Parents must go over the real causes so that there’s no confusion.

Leaving makeup on overnight, hormonal changes and genetics all play roles in acne flareups. Teens must understand that they only have partial control over the blemishes. In most cases, however, acne will clear up as the teen progresses into his or her young-adult years.

Aside from keeping the skin clean with a daily beauty regimen, blemishes will be part of life for a few years.

2. Discuss Hair-Washing Solutions

A simple yet clever way to calm breakouts is by starting at the scalp. Ask the teen to wash his or her hair every day. According to SKINFAQ, oil from your hair can seep down, ultimately causing forehead acne to develop.  

Daily showers with mild shampoos can clear up many of these pimples. Avoid any harsh cleansers for the hair or body, however. Their ingredients might create more pimples by irritating the skin. A balance of oil and cleanliness will lead to clearer skin.

3. Try Mild Solutions First

At the first sign of a blemish, teens might turn to the strongest lotion or cleanser. Advise your teen to try a mild product first. You never know how the skin will react to the ingredients. Use the mild product, and watch how the complexion changes. If the blemishes don’t disappear after a few days, try another product with a slightly stronger mixture.

Remind your teen that no blemishes disappear in a few hours or even overnight. Acne products advertise these miracle cures, but they’re certainly not accurate. Teens must be patient with their skin.

4. Consult a Dermatologist in Severe Cases

Some teens have a genetic tendency toward cystic acne. These blemishes aren’t the typical, clogged pores. They’re actually cysts that grow deep in the skin and appear as large bumps on the face.

When over-the-counter products aren’t working for the teen, consult a dermatologist for prescription solutions. Cystic acne usually requires a professional’s help in the form of topicals and possible antibiotics. Allowing the acne to fester will only lead to scarring and permanent marks on the face.

5. Be Ready to Listen

The teen years are full of drama, which includes overreactions about blemishes. Be ready to listen to all of the concerns voiced by your teen. Although you have perspective on the subject, the teen has tunnel vision. The blemishes are the top story of the day, and that fact won’t change for awhile.

Talk about their concerns because dealing with acne without adult help can lead to low self-esteem and depression. Teens deserve to be heard with possible solutions offered by the parents.

6. Consider Hormonal Options for Females

Teen girls go through a lot of hormonal changes, which allows blemishes to flourish. Some parents have found that hormonal options, such as birth-control pills, have helped their daughters’ complexions.

Talk to your teen’s doctor about your options. Calming those raging hormones is a viable way to reduce blemishes. Those hormonal levels are ultimately set by genetics so only a few girls may need these solutions.

7. Remind Teens About Daily Skincare

As soon as blemishes disappear, teens tend to forgo their daily skincare regimen. Blemishes will inevitably arise once again. It’s important for parents to remind teens about daily skincare. Encourage them to have morning and evening rituals regardless of the number of blemishes on the skin. 

Their confidence will rise as the face looks and feels good each day. The best way to treat acne is to start with prevention steps first. Cleansing the skin and keeping it clear of excess oils is how blemishes will remain at bay.

8. Discuss Social Influences

Remember that your teen is being bombarded by photos of beautiful actors, singers and other celebrities. The teen may think that he or she is the only one with pimples. Be vocal about images and videos that are constantly playing on television or the Internet. Blemishes can be quickly removed with apps and software programs.

Remind the teen that everyone battles blemishes. They’re probably well hidden if makeup or software is used to soften the complexion. Blemishes will come and go, but they may seem to stay around forever in a teen’s mind. Be patient with your teen as the years go by. They’ll emerge stronger than before with a clear complexion.








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