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Vietnam has captured the hearts of many travelers and photographers; with a combination of coastline, jungles, and historic sites, the country is full of amazing places to explore. The city of Hanoi is one of the highlights, with a rich history and a variety of activities for everyone to find something of interest. Considered a cultural center of the country, you’ll be able to have an authentic experience to catch a glimpse of what day-to-day life in Hanoi would be like. If you are a traveling photographer in Hanoi, here are some of the top places to include on your travel itinerary to make sure you hit to the best spots for photos. 


Water Puppet Theaters

One of the traditional entertainment options in Vietnam are the water puppet shows. This unique form of theater is a great place to go for a fun evening and a spot to capture some great photos of Hanoi. A particulalry famous venue in Hanoi is the Than Long Theatre, where you can see the artistically painted puppets act out scenes from ancient legends of Vietnam. 


HoanKiem Lake

Also known as Turtle Lake, this is by far one of the most popular spots in the city of Hanoi for photographs. As a traveling photographer in Hanoi, you’ll love the natural scenery combined with the design and architecture of the park, such as the iconic red bridge crossing the lake. Whether you’re in Hanoi for an engagement photo shoot, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, the park is the perfect spot to stage vacation photographs. 


The Historic Side of the City

In the Old Quarter region of Hanoi, you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the original colonial architecture of the city. Wandering through the narrow streets, there will be plenty of places to stop for some charming photos that really capture the special energy of Hanoi. A great place to visit is the Hanoi Opera House which is modeled after the famous Paris Opera House; you can buy tickets to a show for the full effect or visit in a tour to learn about the history of the building. In between your photos and explorations, you can stop at one of the local restaurants in the Old Quarter to try a few signature traditional dishes or pick up some unique souvenirs. 


Escape the City Limits

If you’re traveling to Hanoi and craving some peace and natural surroundings, an easy day trip from the city is the Ba Vi National Park. With waterfalls, mountains, and buildings dating back to the French colonial period, the park is a ready-made place to do a photo shoot. Coming here you can enjoy the peaceful scenery and get some excellent photos to remember Hanoi. 


Between colonial buildings, ancient temples, and stunning natural scenery, Hanoi is full of picture-perfect photo opportunities. To ensure your vacation is preserved in clear detail, a local photographer like the ones from Localgrapher can work with you to capture the special moments unique to your trip. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or as a couple, you will always have these excellent photos to remember the best parts of your vacation. 









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