15 Street Photography Hacks for Beginners


Street photography often conjures up images of travel bloggers and influencers setting up shots in far flung places but the truth is that you don’t need to travel far at all to get the perfect shot.

We all too often overlook the opportunities that are right here on our doorstep. Look around, there is plenty of material out there.

Street photography doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the street either. Street photography is defined as photography in any public setting, indoors or out.

You do not need to be a professional to capture that inimitable shot of a perfect moment in time. The best thing is, with a few tips and tricks up their sleeve, anyone can do it. Here are a few street photography hacks to bear in mind:


Street Photography Hacks to Remember


Street Photography Hack 1:

Choose your position beforehand and set up in advance.


Street Photography Hack 2:

Ignore tip 1. Take a spontaneous shot. You will be surprised at what can be captured without realising.


Street Photography Hack 3:

Look for natural frames for your subjects. Examples include using doorways, holes through objects such as shells or rocks, or framing a subject with trees or furnishings.


Street Photography Hack 4:

Don’t be afraid to capture shadows and reflections to give a subject greater depth and to convey deeper emotion within an image.


Street Photography Hack 5:

You don’t need to ask permission but it’s always polite to do so. Asking permission can avoid any uncomfortable confrontations but the images you will end up with will certainly differ between subjects who are aware you are photographing them, to those who are oblivious to it.

And not speaking someone’s language can’t be used as an excuse, thanks to suppliers of camera cases The Case Farm who have come up with the handy infographic below. Now you can learn to say, ‘Can I take your photo?’ in 25 languages!


Street Photography Hack 6:

Do not avoid night time photography. Take advantage of dark nights to give your street photography a different dimension. Use street lighting and lights from vehicles and buildings to bring a whole new look and feel to a scene.


Street Photography Hack 7:

Try approaching a subject from different angles. The change in perspective can give an image a distinct contrast depending on the angle it is shot from.


Street Photography Hack 8:

Look around and search for a story. Is there a potential development that is about to occur? Stay alert and be patient.


Street Photography Hack 9:

Don’t break the rules. Stick to photographing in public places and you will be fine. Trying to take a shot into someone’s private home and you are breaking the law.


Street Photography Hack 10:

Don’t over-edit your photos, as tempting as it might be. Sometimes less is more.


Street Photography Hack 11:

Don’t delete anything until you get a chance to look it over in detail.


Street Photography Hack 12:

Which lens? Well, a wide-angle to medium such as a 24mm-70mm zoom is a great option for taking a range of shots though they’ll be heavier to carry than a 30mm or 50mm alternative.


Street Photography Hack 13:

A lower /f number creates a wider aperture, providing faster shutter speeds and a shallow depth of field which is a splendid way to make your subject stand out.


Street Photography Hack 14:

Take spares. Spare batteries, a spare flash, spare lenses, spare memory cards. Because you know that as soon as you don’t, you will need them.


Street Photography Hack 15:

Black and white shots in street photography work.










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