The benefits of adding rooflights to your home


Rooflights have been becoming more and more popular with homeowners due to their versatility and other benefits that they bring to a home. In this post, we’ll list some of the benefits of adding a rooflight to your home so you can decide for yourself if this is something you’d like to invest in for your own home.


Reduced electricity and heating costs

Yes, you read it right. An often unnoticed benefit of installing a rooflight is saving on your electricity and heating costs. Rooflights allow natural light in the room, especially useful for rooms with otherwise limited window space such as garage conversions. This way, you can save money on having to purchase additional lamps, lights and other artificial light sources. Additionally, you’ll save money on electricity from not having to run those additional lights.

The rooms with rooflights installed can often also feel warmer as direct sunlight trough glass brings in additional heat into the room. This benefit can save you money on heating bills by lowering the amount of energy you’ve used to keep the room warm. It’s a win-win really.


Improves your health

In a room with limited natural light, your internal body clock can get messed up. Installing a rooflight is an excellent solution for that. Furthermore, if you struggle with seasonal depression, winter months can be tough, so being able to bring in all daylight possible into a room that otherwise is very dark could benefit your mental health significantly.



While during colder months, rooflights will help with keeping the temperature inside the room nice and toasty, in warmer months rooflights will aid with cooling down the room and letting fresh air filter trough.

It is particularly handy at also saving energy costs as you will be open the rooflight to let fresh air in rather than have to use electricity of powering air-conditioner.


Design of the room

Rooflights allow an effortless way of adding natural light in a room. Efforts to allow natural light in rooms are becoming one of the main concerns for architects and designers, this is not merely due to the higher demand but also due to all the other benefits that researchers are seeing when it comes to exposure to natural light over artificial lighting.

Depending on the room you choose the added light, it can become a beautiful feature to highlights rooms overall design and add a whimsical touch. Placing a rooflight above a breakfast bar or a beautiful coffee table in a lounge – the effect of a shard of light coming down directly into a room can be stunning.

Overall adding a rooflight into your home will have both economic and physical benefits. Rooflights are not available in a wide range of designs, so you know you won’t have to sacrifice your homes aesthetic for the functionality.









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