Things to keep in mind when choosing roof lanterns



Are you planning to do home improvement? Could be you want to revamp an existing extension or even extend your home. Have you thought about bringing more natural light into your home? If so, then installing roof lanterns would work perfectly for you. However, for you to get the best installed, you need a roof lantern dealer that has good experience in the industry. One that would install high performing lanterns that would make your house look great.

But before you go shopping for the house lanterns, here are a few things you should consider:


Do you need permission for planning?

To most homeowners, the idea of getting planning permission is off-putting. They usually view this process as inconvenient and complex. However, it is only in few cases where you’ll be required to get an approval for roof lantern installation. If you’re installing a lantern to a part of a newly built house, then you need to pay keen attention to some rules that will help you avoid the planning permission. Ensure that the extension is not more than thirty-meter square and at the ground level. Get a door between the main property and the extension, and let all internal electrics adhere to the regulations. Most importantly, the extension should not be more than half of the original house or property. Thus, you need to follow the building regulations to the letter.


Where does the room face?

Your choice of roof’s lantern will depend on the direction of the particular room. Experts recommend that your room should face northwards if you want to benefit from a larger glazed roof area. A room facing south only requires a small lantern because of its exposure to direct sunshine. Ideally, with the direction of the rooms, you may not have a choice; it will depend on where the original house sits.


How will a roof lantern benefit you?

Looking for a perfect way of making your house homely? Then roof lanterns are the way to go. The thermal performance of your house improves and therefore your home’s energy bills will reduce significantly. With more natural light in the house, the environment becomes more healthy and pleasant for the family. Again, a lantern will make you feel like you’ve more space in your home and definitely, the value of the home goes up.


What size of lantern do you need for your roof?

The size of the off lantern you need is determined by the direction to which your room faces. Choose the size of the lantern depending on the size of the room. Get the true measurements of the house you want to install lanterns and this will tell you the exact size that you need.


The material that is perfect for your home

Lanterns are made of different materials and qualities. However, if you are looking for something that is durable, choose aluminium. aluminium is a favorite for many because of its sleek and stylish nature.

If you want to transform your house to a small haven, then you need to choose the lantern that is durable and affordable.  Look for a company that will do thorough work at an affordable fee.






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