The Easy Essentials – How to Make Home Cleaning Less of a Chore



No one is proclaiming that keeping your home clean and tidy is an easy feat. It requires regular maintenance, with jobs multiplying if you miss a week or fail to clean as you go. So how do you press on with these responsibilities without it feeling like a chore? It starts with great cleaning supplies and ends with adopting a different pattern and mindset, so let’s get started.


Get the right cleaning supplies

If your cleaning commitments are tireless, but without great results, you likely don’t have the right tools and cleaning supplies to get the job done. Too many people grab a bargain vacuum or mop, and find their floors remain grimey and susceptible to more mess. No miracle ever came from a $10 mop. Get floors squeaky clean with steam mops, and understand what you and your home have been desperately missing. You will notice that your floors will be stripped of dust and grime after a steam mop, removing any bacteria or fingerprints that manage to survive with poor supplies. You should also look to acquire microfiber cloths and dusters so that you can keep all different furniture items and textures clean, so you can get back to your weekend sooner.


Don’t be mindless, set a plan

Most people are overwhelmed with what is ahead of them, and unsure on what area or cleaning task to tackle first. That’s ok, it just means you need to slow down and break up the cleaning plan into bite-sized chunks. If you clean on a Sunday, take on the kitchen in the morning and then the living space after a decent break. It might be tempting to knock it all over in one day, but this usually results in corners being cut and things being missed entirely.


Share the load

If you are flustered with the cleaning responsibilities, then chances are you are taking on too much. It’s time to share the load, and start deciding who in your home is taking care of what. This can be divided up by rooms, tasks, or any other split that makes sense for your family of housemates. If you live alone, explore the prices of a local cleaning service or Maid in Hoboken.


Claim back your time

There is no such thing as wasted time, especially with millions of podcasts and audiobooks available to you wherever you are. Put in your ear phones and dive into some true crime, self development, or simply revisit a classic novel. All while you whiz around the house, mopping the floors and creating a beautiful environment for yourself. You can also choose to connect with your friends and family by calling them, anything that makes you feel like your time is being put to use while you transform your environment.


Clean and create

How long has your couch been in that position, and could it be time to swap the living room blinds with your bedroom ones? Treat your cleaning sessions as a way to improve the feng shui of your room and rearrange your current configuration. The promise of a fresh space is always a good incentive for a deep clean, as the end result is a beautiful space that you don’t even recognise. It’s also a time to recognise what can be removed or replaced, to save you cleaning the same old decor that you aren’t even in love with.

Look, cleaning is a chore but it doesn’t have to feel like it. You will be able to cut down on your cleaning efforts significantly if you equip yourself with quality cleaning supplies and optimise your time accordingly.








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