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Have your kids got to an age where you think they would be well suited with some jewellery? Well there really isn’t a wrong time to consider such things, it more depends on what is suitable for the child you have in mind and when it will be worn etc

Some jewellery gifts for kids are purely keepsakes for sentimental value, others for special occasions or formal wear, and others for more casual settings.


Safety as a priority

Safety should always come first when you are considering buying jewellery for young children. An example of considered safety would be purchasing earrings with screw-backs on them, this will help babies and toddlers avoid swallowing them.

Necklaces can be a hazard in certain situations too, by getting caught on furniture or objects etc. Metal allergies are also uncommon but still happen, so always check with the child’s parents or a doctor if you are unsure.

Gold, sterling, steel and silver are safe choices of metals that will have little chance of causing skin irritation on little one’s ears.


Go for something sentimental

For slightly older children, jewellery can make kids feel special and it teaches them responsibility in a sophisticated way. The gift could be for a coming-of-age celebration, such as a diamond earrings for an 18th or 21st birthdaygift perhaps, or to highlight the makings of a special memory or milestone.

Children’s lives are very eventful and they are always achieving new things; so the possibility for different gift ideas can be endless!


Practicality balanced with cuteness?

Children ought to have jewellery that matches their lifestyle, if the plan is for them to wear it often anyway.

Active children are not well suited to jewellery that will get in the way of what they are doing. Leather and rubber accessories can be a viable option for this type of matter, plus they can be a cheaper alternative.

Remember that children can be careless and forgetful, so splashing out on expensive gifts is not really a good idea. Some kids are just too young or haven’t quite learned how to appreciate and recognise the value of things.


Ask the children what they like!

If you are still stuck for ideas but are certain you want to buy jewellery as a gift for your loved one, then ask them what they would like.

You could come up with a few ideas within a specific price range to help them decide, this way they won’t come up with any crazy or out of reach gift ideas.

Older children will probably be able to give you some very good feedback on their favourite colours, or if they would wear jewellery etc


Some ideas from us

  • Customized charm bracelets.
  • Studs or small hoop earrings.
  • Heart-shaped items for the extra sentimental value.
  • Jewellery inspired by nature- flowers, butterflies etc


Keep hunting and you will find the perfect gift for the special people in your life, whatever their ages.







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