How to pass the time on long distance journeys


There comes a time when we all have to endure a long distance journey, some people do it all the time as part of their work or studies, or it could be for your annual holiday or a seasonal trip to see loved ones.

Long haul journeys are considered quite dull to most, but the problem usually lies in the fact people don’t plan for this part of the trip! We can get so excited about the destination or have our thoughts solely on what happens when we arrive.

Long distance journeys are not as tough as they need to be, it all depends on your attention span, patience or how often you have done the commute before, we get that part so we have come to your rescue with this cheat sheet.

Check out our top tips on how to pass the time on a long distance journey.


Make a killer playlist

Most people love a good playlist, so get your priorities in check and add all of your favourite tunes to your Apple Music or Spotify playlist, it may also be an idea to download the songs so you can still listen to them without needing internet access.

Some modes of transport can interfere with your internet connection or you may be travelling through areas with no signal.

By the time you have listened to all of your favourite songs, you will be near your destination in no time.

You can depend on The Pirate Bay for all your music download needs and requirements. Make folders depending upon the mood and let it play through a pen drive or sync it with your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.


Read a book

Yes, remember those things made of paper? They still exist and can be a lot of fun! Choose a new fiction novel or a biography of somebody who really interests you.

A good book can fully immerse you and the time can just drift away as you won’t be paying any attention to it.

It is also a good time to revise for your studies, learn something new or perfect a speech for the board meeting you have coming up. If you are on a train or aeroplane then you don’t have to worry about driving so you can pay full attention to it.


Catch 40 winks

We understand that some modes of transport are more comfortable than others, but first class options can be cheap if you can hunt out a good bargain.

First class trains give you way more space and the carriages are often quieter too, this could be a good time to get some sleep, especially if you have a busy trip ahead of you, or if you are travelling overnight.

You could look into buying cheap off peak tickets to save a great deal on your long distance journey too. If you are not fussy and can give or take a few days here and there, you will save a lot of money.

Plus the sooner you book, the more money you will save too.

Travel has become a lot more luxurious and entertaining with modern technology improving all the time. Trains, plans and ships all offer a lot of different ways to amuse you, just contact the company before you travel or check their websites before you book for a full list of what is on offer.







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