Coping With Winter When You’re NOT a Winter Person



The onset of winter often fills me with dread. It is my least favourite season. The cold makes my body ache, I struggle with the darkness and shorter days, and the general greyness of the winter months seems to be something I battle with every year.

Apart from Christmas, which I love the magic of, I would be happy for the seasons to remain as one perpetual summer. Sadly for me but fortunately for farmers, that is not the case and Mother Nature seems to have the whole ‘seasons’ thing sussed. So it is up to me to deal with it. Here is how I make it through the winter months:



I love blankets in winter. There is something olde-wordly about grabbing a folded blanket from a pile, and there is nothing that says winter has arrived quite like curling up on the sofa with a big, woolly, wraparound-yourself-so-you’re-a-big-human-sausage-roll type of blanket.


Hot Chocolate

A huge mug of hot chocolate has to be the winter comfort drink, doesn’t it? Much as I love a cappuccino, and self-confessed coffee whore that I am, there is something so indulgent about a big mug – and yes, it has to be a big mug – of steaming hot chocolate topped with lashings of squirty cream and piled high with marshmallows. Occasionally, on those colder evenings where I feel a little more self love is in order, I’ll even add a dash of brandy to warm up the cockles. Medicinal purposes, of course…


Duvet Days

When the cold and flu season begins, or you just feel like hiding away, there is always the good old duvet day. Okay, so it’s not so much when you’ve got younger children but as my family is now getting older, I’m looking forward to being able to nestle myself into a pile of soft goose feather pillows with my hot chocolate. And while I’m dreaming of moments as these, I might even consider one of those TV Beds with the screen that pops up at the foot and yes, it would have to be a classic Christmas movie. Yes, I might break my own ‘no taking food into bedrooms’ rule, and treat myself to a plate of cheese and crackers. And no, no kids allowed!



So far I have been eating and drinking my way through winter and if I carry on at this rate I’ll have put back the many pounds I’ve been working on losing. I have actually grown quite fond of exercising – once it’s over, that is. I have to admit that some days I would much rather be vegging in my dressing gown (or even in my theoretical TV bed) rather than pulling out the treadmill for an hour, but once that hour is over and the endorphins kick in, I can chill out knowing that I’ve done something good for myself.



Candles are the most wonderful medicine for the soul. Fresh out of the shower after my run, pulling on my fluffy dressing gown that was warming on the radiator, my blanket, hot chocolate, a couple of lit candles and a good book is the ultimate winter self love act.

Perhaps winter isn’t so bad after all?

If you find yourself struggling more than usual, don’t just write it off as the winter blues. Click here to learn more about depression. Let’s get talking.




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