Could Online Schools Provide a More Balanced Education for our Children?

I am sure that any parent that takes on the responsibility of their child’s education has a ‘what the hell am I doing?’ moment or two every now and then. And by every now and then I personally mean ‘daily’. After all, it’s no small responsibility, taking on your own child’s schooling. It can be financially and emotionally draining, often criticised, greatly misunderstood and sometimes extremely difficult to keep going.

So why do it?

For me, it is hoping my children are provided a balance to meet their needs, musts and wants. Able to do what they ‘need’ to do to progress in the world we live in with the way of thinking it currently has which requires a ‘must’ in their own abilities and knowledge, in order to question the things they disagree with confidently and to feel secure in their own decisions, and their ‘wants’, where they can take time to nurture, develop and enjoy the skills, talents or interests that they might not otherwise be afforded the time or resources to do.

Could online schooling such as be the way forward to meet the needs, wants and musts that our education system needs to provide for all children of all abilities? Is the traditional brick and mortar school no longer the only option to providing a well rounded, balanced education for our children, no matter what their skills, dreams or talents?

I try to cover all bases when it comes to home education, but the ongoing struggle of whether I am able to meet my children’s academic needs and balance them with allowing them the creativity or self discovery that I feel we should all have, and that traditional schools do not have the time or resources to provide, is something that I feel I have addressed through the combination of home education and online schooling.

You can find classes for almost anything on the internet, from learning keyboarding online to full-fledged online schools, which have tremendous benefits. Not only does it remove a lot of the responsibility, planning, preparation and time from my own shoulders, leaving me more able to focus on the younger children, but it provides a secure learning environment with professional teachers that are skilled in their fields of education, in a flexible manner.

This means that, unlike traditional brick and mortar schools, lessons can really fit in around everything and anything else that life has going on, whether that’s good stuff like travelling extensively or having the time to deal with difficulties such as medical or personal issues.

The growth of the internet and in online schools will surely pave the way for a great change in the education system as a whole. Personally, I cannot imagine that the education system remains limited to its current realms in the next few decades. What do you think?







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