Flexible education support for home educators thanks to online school


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts we home educate our children. For anyone in a similar situation, we’ve found InterHigh – the UK’s online secondary school for children aged 11-18 – to be a great support.

Their home school support package allows pupils to study the British Curriculum in full or in part from home, or anywhere else where there is an internet connection. This gives families who travel a lot like ours a great deal of flexibility.

Children log on to live interactive timetabled lessons taught by qualified teachers wherever there is an internet connection. Being online means there is less disruption and behavioural issues in classes, so staff can concentrate on teaching for the entire period and pupils get more one on one attention and can learn at their own pace. Lessons are recorded and archived so catching up on work or revising is a lot easier too and parents are able to go over content at any time.

Given the size of our family, we were delighted when InterHigh launched InterHigh Juniors, offering the same quality, flexible, accessible and positive education online as its secondary school, for children aged 9-11.

The school’s qualified and experienced primary teachers lead classes limited to a maximum of 15 pupils, to ensure each child gets the attention they deserve. Pupils are taught the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for England, which includes core subjects such as: English, Maths, Humanities, French, Science and Computing.

Pupils at InterHigh Juniors operate in a safe social media environment, taking part in various online social groups and school clubs. InterHigh Junior pupils also have weekly tutorials and their own weekly common room with projects, activities and guest speakers.

For more information about InterHigh Juniors or to register for an online open evening or place, please visit: www.interhigh.co.uk







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