B2B Building Tips for Creating a Successful Small Business of Your Own


The explosion of the internet has seen the rise of the entrepreneur. The ever-growing reach across the globe means that geographical location or limits is no longer an issue to building and running a successful business. Thinking of jumping in? Here are some things to bear in mind if you want your business to succeed:


What is your target market?

Whether you are selling a product or a service, you need to be clear as to your target market. Are you selling to businesses or customers? Why do you need to ascertain this information? Well, research has shown that both have now turned to online sources rather than the more traditional sales rep for information. If your business isn’t out there, they won’t find it. If your business is out there but it’s not reaching the right market, it may as well not be there at all.


Be to the point

When you are a small business owner yourself, you realise that time is valuable. Other small business owners do not have the time to filter through all the long-winded proposals they receive and they don’t have time to waste. Make sure your outreach is relevant, specific and to the point.


Build trust

Before approaching other small businesses, make sure you do your homework first. They will be more likely to take on your services if you have demonstrated that you have researched their needs and how your business, better than anyone else’s, can deliver them. Turning up to a meeting without knowing the basics of the business you are approaching is certain to be a recipe for disaster.


Be accessible and reliable

Bricks and mortar locations are no longer a necessity in today’s online world. Building a B2B ecommerce platform that works efficiently can be the only shopfront your business needs but it needs to be done right in order for it to work effectively.

Taking a little time initially to implement a simplified channel for your business provides many benefits to it. Not only does it reduce the workload, demands on time and resources in the long run, but it provides ongoing information, access and advertising to potential customers worldwide, day and night.





Be relevant… everywhere

A business’s online presence is a key component to its success or its failure. Being on social media is not enough; you need to be doing it right. Leave out personal, irrelevant material and focus on your target market. Yes, we are repeating the first point. But you need to remember it in all aspects of your outreach. If you forget who your business is targeting, what’s the point at all? Got a business blog? That’s great! Keep it regularly updated and provide content that is fresh, unique and informative. That is what will make it – and your business – valuable and sought after.












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