Making Your Child’s Bedroom Cosy for Winter


With November getting ever nearer, Summer already seems a long-lost memory. A tad dramatic perhaps but I do love the sun and blue skies and warm weather. I think I must have been the only person not to have complained about the unusually warmer weather we experienced this year. I loved it!

Winter, to me, is dreary, dull, cold, long and dark and it is absolutely not my favourite season. There are only two good things about it: the magic of Christmas and being able to light up the candles and fairy lights, grab a hot chocolate piled high with marshmallows and cream, and to curl up under a blanket with a good book.

That is me sorted for the winter months but what about the kids? Whether you want to go the whole hog or just change a few things, there are several touches you can add to transform their room into their own cosy Winter haven. Here is how…


Make it personal

Marvel Mural handpainted Tania Sullivan marvel bedroom decoration

My children have had a complete room makeover this year, with the last one going through its finishing touches right now. Want something unique? How about getting creative with your very own artwork? The girls wanted a princess castle bedroom – see the photos and find out how you can create the look over at this post here. And I am still so pleased with my Marvel mural, I have to say. What do you think?


It’s curtains for them!

A set of new curtains can change the look of a room entirely. Keep out drafts by investing in thermal lined curtains if possible, and if you can opt for blackout lining, that’s even better for keeping the darker mornings going when the clocks leap forward in Spring.


Create a hibernation station


Providing throws, blankets and cushions can help them to create their own Winter hideaway. Encourage them to hibernate like a bear in their den. You can even find bed tents and themed beds from the Children’s Bed Shop, creating a unique, cosy hideout they can camp in all year round. Of course, bears have to be very quiet and sleep a lot, so the children will take this opportunity to be super quiet, right? Yeah, I know. Never mind, it’s worth a try!


Add a rug

Adding a rug to a room can signal its transformation from the warmer to the colder months effectively, especially on wooden floorboards. Nobody can argue that a soft, high piled rug making stepping out of bed on the colder mornings much nicer under foot. Choose a themed rug to match their décor or one that clashes for some stark, fun contrast!



Adding a lamp and wall light provides some soft lighting that is far less harsh than regular overhead lights. Adding lamps to a room helps to create a calming feeling before bedtime, encouraging the children to wind down, relax and sleep… Yes, again I know! And again, I insist that it is worth a try! Well, isn’t anything?








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