5 fun ideas for a memorable outing with family


In today’s world of technology and easy access to pretty much everything, the newest gift to give is time. Spending quality time with your family will outweigh any physical gift that can be given and what you do together can leave memories that last a lifetime. There are a myriad of outings that a family can take in order to spend time together; to get started, here are 5 fun ideas for a memorable family outing.


Brave an Escape Room

The concept of an ‘escape room’ has been gaining popularity in the last few years. This is a great option for a family outing because it’s inside and won’t be impacted by weather. It also is a creative way to encourage family unity since team members have to work together to solve clues. Many escape rooms nowadays are themed which makes it even more fun and the time limit (generally 60 minutes) makes it an outing that can be managed by even the busiest of families.

  • Recommended Ages: 6-10+
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Approx. Activity Time: 60 minutes
  • Cost: ££


Strap In For Waterski Tubing

When the weather is hot and the vacation days of summer are long it is an ideal time to grab some beach towels and swimwear and head to the beach! Waterski tubing is a fun challenge that is sure to engage even the younger family members while giving the older ones a lesson in physics. The best ski tubes can be single tubes or double tubes (shaped like a figure 8). All that is needed is a clear sky, a boat, and some life jackets and the fun begins. Make sure to bring a waterproof camera as the resulting pictures are sure to bring smiles for days and years to come.

  • Recommended Ages: 2+
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Approx. Activity Time: Varies, can be an hour or all day depending on your boat and ski tube rental(s)
  • Cost: ££


Strive for a Hole-In-One At a Mini Golf Course

This is a timeless family outing that never really gets old; with the creation of different ‘themed’ courses and experiences it takes mini golf to a whole new level (glow-in-the-dark mini golf is a thing). This is a versatile family outing that can often be done regardless of the weather thanks to the variety of indoor courses available and even the youngest family members can find clubs that fit their hands and height. A single round at the course can last anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes depending on how busy the place is and how many holes are available (not to mention the size of your golfing party), and there are often discounts to play additional rounds. Just make sure that you bring with you your best hybrid golf bags together with all your golf equipment inside it for the play.  Up the ante on this family outing by rewarding the winner or putting pressure on the loser (e.g. loser buys dessert).

  • Recommended Ages: 2+
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Both
  • Approx. Activity Time: 30+ minutes depending on your party and the # of holes
  • Cost: £


Take a City Tour

For many people near large cities, it is not uncommon to spend years there without participating in the more ‘touristy’ things the city has to offer. Oftentimes however, taking a tour is a fun way to learn new things about the city you call home. Depending on the type of tour, this family outing can be scheduled for any time, rain or shine. There are historical tours, architectural tours, ghost tours, food tours, boat tours, seasonal tours, Segway tours, bus tours, and more! Have your family write down some ideas or their top 3 and find a way to combine everyone’s interests into a tour that is just right. There are often tour packages that are available too for a bit more that allow you to add on other city attractions at a discounted price. A city tour can be a great lead-in to a number of other engaging things your city if you have the time and it is also a great family outing when guests are in from out of town!

  • Recommended Ages: May vary by tour
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Both
  • Approx. Activity Time: Varies by tour, but plan for approx. 60 – 90+mins
  • Cost: £-£££


Visit a Museum

Before you think of a stuffy, taxidermy-filled family outing, think again! There is a wide range of museums that span all kinds of areas like art, cultural history and science. Museums are rapidly modernising and adding interactive features that are educational and engaging. This is a great option for those with children of any age too as there are many children’s museums across the country specifically geared towards your little one(s). This family outing works in any type of weather and doesn’t have to be limited to a weekend. Often, museums will discount their services during the day or on certain days (e.g. every Tuesday) or at specific times when there is typically less traffic.

  • Recommended Ages: All
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Predominantly indoor
  • Approx. Activity Time: Varies by museum
  • Cost: £-££

The next time a holiday rolls around and you find yourself looking for the perfect gift, try gifting an ‘experience’. Use this list to get you started and explore ways to spend quality time with your family. No matter your family size, budget, or the weather there is always something that can be done together as a family. Relax and choose something out of the ordinary – good or bad, it will be sure to trigger smiles (or groans) whenever it is referenced for years to come.









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