Does your garden need some TLC? Easy maintenance tips for the low maintenance gardener


For many of us, it’s true that we spend all our time and hard earned money on transforming the interiors of our homes. New wallpaper here, a new rug there, some gorgeous accessories and lighting solutions and we all love a trip to the homewares shop, don’t we?

But spare a thought for your outdoor space. Whether it’s become somewhere for the kids to play and dump their toys out in all weathers, or if the neighbours cat has adopted it as it’s litter tray; it really doesn’t take much to transform your outdoor space into somewhere you can all enjoy. You don’t have to be much of a gardener either. Read on for some easy garden maintenance ideas for you, the low maintenance gardener.


Your lawn

Hmm. Looking a bit overgrown are we? When a lawn looks unkept and has generally seen better days, it can be a real turn off. But luckily, you don’t have to do any drastic to completely transform it. If your lawn is patchy and has some areas that look quite unhealthy then check out grass seed from The Grass People. Grass seed will give any failing lawn a boost and make it look lush and green. And invest in a good lawn mower, chances are once you’ve tidied up your lawn, you’ll want to tame the rest of the garden too.



If you have children, I’ll bet they enjoy the garden the most. But you’ve probably lost count of how many toys have been left out there to the mercy of the elements…so, now is the time to do something about it. Remember, you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space too, and you have the right to do so without tripping over plastic toys, bikes and skateboards.

Think about a small shed, or a garden storage container that can be locked for security and safety. Get the kids in the habit of tidying up their garden toys and who knows, it might spread to the rest of the house!


Keep out unwanted guests

By this we mean the neighbourhood cats. Many of us love cats, but when we spend time and money in our gardens only for them to become a personal litter tray for the local felines of the area, it can be pretty frustrating. If this is a problem in your garden then there are humane and simple ways to keep the cats away.


  • Citrus. Cats detest the smell of citrus so if they catch the smell of it, they’ll move on. Try placing some orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit peels around the areas that cats like to visit.
  • Lavender. Cats really don’t like lavender either, so if you plant a few between your other plants then it should be a good deterrent.
  • If you have bird feeders in your garden, make sure they’re placed well out of reach so the cats are not tempted to return to your garden for an easy meal.








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