3 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Women with a Busy Schedule


When you need to lose weight on a busy schedule, the first thing to do is to stop trying for absolutes. Leading a perfectly healthy lifestyle with an hour at a gym daily and all your meals home-cooked to healthy perfection won’t happen. And you don’t need it to happen in order to get the results you need. For an effective weight loss program, every little thing counts. There are many simple changes to your lifestyle you can make without compromising your business duties and other important commitments. Changing your snacks, embracing early morning workouts and prepping your meals are all small steps that will take you closer to your weight loss goals.


How to Lose Weight on a Busy Schedule: 3 Tips

Rise with the sunrise and work out

Dozens of successful people leading huge corporations have one thing in common, they wake up really early (some as early as 3:15-3:30 AM) and start their day with a workout. Business Insider provides stories from some of them, but you can find something similar in reading personal interviews with nearly every great CEO and business leader out there today.

Waking up early does not only give you a good start for the day, it also allows you to get that time necessary for an essential weight loss workout. To achieve maximum results, you should go with cardio training, such as running and/or aerobics. Use the high-intensity interval training system to maximize weight loss. Research published in Journal of Obesity claims this type to be most efficient for fat burning.

Snack on almonds at work

Almonds are delicious as well as packed with essential nutrients, dietary fiber, and heart-friendly fats. They help you lose weight due to fiber and providing you with energy that keeps you going for hours. Because almonds take a while to digest, they are also effective appetite suppressants.

Get rid of all your unhealthy snacks and junk food and forget about the vending machine in your office. A bag of almonds in your desk is all you need to ‘refill your batteries’ quickly. Other nuts will do as well. Dried fruits, on the other hand, aren’t very conductive for fast weight loss because they usually have too much sugar and too few vitamins. Having fresh fruits on your desk, on the other hand, is one of the best weight loss tips, and not only for those with a busy schedule.

Prep your meals

Cooking a healthy meal a few times a day isn’t an option when you have a busy schedule and takeout is rarely good for you. An effective weight loss program needs a wholesome well-balanced diet, so you have to find the time to make such meals.

Prepping your meals for the week during a weekend is the best solution. Stock up on containers where you’ll be able to store pre-cut ingredients. You should also cook legumes and grains that you’ll be able to toss up with vegetables/meat and some spices to make a delicious dietary meal within minutes.

The extent of your prepping will depend on how much time you have. The basic plan requires having pre-cut ingredients portioned for stews and salads. A weekly batch of legumes and grains is the most important as these foods take a while to cook.

If you are most busy at the mornings and have to skip breakfast because of this, pre-make bags of ingredients for nourishing smoothies that you can pulse in a blender for 1-2 minutes and drink on your way to work. Never forget that skipping your breakfast is not an option if you want to lose weight and stay healthy in general.





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