Tips for Keeping Adult Children Close


For most parents, it’s a great challenge to keep adult children around. Because of the busy and demanding nature of adult life, it’s difficult for parents to ask their busy adult kids for some bonding time. If your adult children have kids of their own – they might be busy with school events and sports. Just because they have families of their own doesn’t mean you can’t stay close with them over the years. Luckily, we’ve compiled some tips for parents to keep their adult kids close. Here they are:

Plan a family dinner once a week  

A busy schedule is the number one reason why families can’t have time to spend with their children.  This is why being updated about each member of the family’s schedule is a must.

Dinner time is one of the most ideal times to bond with your family. During dinner, you can talk about just about anything with your adult children. You can talk about their career, their kids, or their lives in general. You can even talk about what happened to your day if you run out of stories to tell! Whatever the topic, your adult children will surely enjoy  the conversation.

It may seem almost impossible for some families, but eating dinner together more than once a week is actually possible. If a family dinner cannot happen once a week in your case, though, try once a month.  What’s important is that you are seeing each other on a regular basis and having a conversation that allows every member of the family to talk. It’s important to encourage every member to participate to keep the conversation going.

Go on a family vacation once in a while

A family vacation may only happen once in a blue moon, but it’s a great way to get an update on the lives of each family member. If there are no small children in the family – consider going to an resort for adults only. Out-of-town vacations are also a clever way to attract your hesitant children to go with you without forcing them to come.

As you know, busy people crave for time away from work and stress. For this reason, it’s important for you to make sure that your adult children are having fun during the vacation. To ensure this, plan for the family’s activities during the vacation. Ask your children what they like and what they don’t to get an idea on what to prepare while surprising them with the activities.

Maximise the use of social media and mobile communication

An open communication line is the key to every relationship – even to a family relationship.  Being able to communicate using a cellphone or even social media apps is very important especially for people who are miles away.  Being able to communicate in the most convenient way is better than not communicating at all.   

Be a best friend to your adult children

No man is an island.   Problems can be best fixed if it is being shared with the people who matter the most.  A problem is not meant to be solved alone when you can have people to deal with it rather than alone.  It makes every burden lighter than it really is.

When parents are their best friend, adult children can assure that they can get the best advice that no one could ever give.  When a loved one gives you an advice, you can assure that it would be of your best interest.  With that being said, you can always have someone that will be there for you through thick and thin.  Most of all, you can be true to yourself since your best friend is someone you have lived with for most of your life.   

Go on a surprise visit  

Coming over unannounced is really something that would make someone happy.  Being able to communicate virtually is good, but having a real hug from a close family member is better.  It’s like showing real love in the relationship.

Don’t take sides when they argue

Jealousy takes place when parents side one of their children.  Allow your adult children to resolve their issues in a manner that they will not physically hurt each other.  Let them talk about it.  Even siblings fight because of certain issues that would lead them to have grudges.  Parents can mediate to help resolve the problem and hopefully come up with a better solution.

Let your adult children organize events for special occasions  

Allowing adult children to do most of the tasks will hone their skills on how to set up an event for the family — from the date of the event, the food, the games and even to the venue where it will be held.

Keeping adult children close is not an easy thing to do because as years pass, they will have new acquaintances, be interested in new hobbies, or worse is that they may move to a new place that is far from you, but having that being said, communication is everything in every relationship.  Keeping communication lines open, being their best friend and spending more time with them are keys to strengthen parents’ bond with their adult children.  







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