The Benefits Of Leasing When Buying A Family Vehicle

If you’re thinking of buying a family car you want one that’s safe and reliable, as well as affordable. You want to be able to choose the make and model of car you desire without burning a huge hole in your finances.

Buying a new car means paying a large deposit. Depending on the car you choose this can vary. Large family cars can often work out very expensive, especially estate or SUV models.

If you have a large family you’ll want plenty of space in the car to fit all their essential needs. School runs, or weekend outings often demand plenty of room for all the stuff children need.

Large family life can be fun and very rewarding. You will need a larger car though for practicality. There will be times when your kids invite their friends along on family outings and your car starts to feel more like a taxi!

The cost of a new family car is a major expense that may commit you for years with larll monthly payments. At the end of which, you’re left with a car that’s worth far less than when you bought it.

This is money you could have spent on family holidays, treats for the kids, or household bills. You could even invest the money you save. This means your hard earned cash will be working for you instead of being wasted on vehicle depreciation.

Though you may love the latest model of car and decide to buy, within a few years the technology will be outdated. Plus, the money you’ll get for it will probably be a lot less than you bargained for.


Why leasing a family car is a better option

Leasing is the most affordable way to run a family car. Although you don’t own the vehicle you can still enjoy all the benefits without the high costs!

Leasing a family car instead of buying means less commitment. You’re not tied into a long term contract with high monthly costs. You could be paying up to £300 a month for some large family size cars.

Leasing is a lot cheaper, often saving you hundreds of pounds a month. On top of that you won’t have to pay for servicing or repairs.

Though you’ll have a limited mileage, providing the lease you choose fits you and your family’s needs you won’t need to worry. Should you go over your limit you’ll need to pay a small fee that’s calculated per mile.


Savings on car repairs

All cars need repairs at some point. Brakes, tyres, batteries, and other parts that need replacing can be costly. Since all your repairs will be carried out under warranty and as part of your agreement, you’ll save hundreds of pounds.


Safety comes first

Safety is a big issue when buying a family car. Leasing gives you peace of mind as a brand new leased car will be equipped with up to the minute safety features and technology.

You and your family will feel safe knowing that should happen, your car will offer the best possible protection. Car technology is constantly evolving. What was innovative and hi tech even two years ago may be outdated now.


An affordable way to change your car every few years

Leasing is the most affordable way to change your car. When the contract ends you can simply choose a new vehicle with a new lease agreement.

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