Our Top 5 Destinations to Visit in 2018

    This year’s travel plans are yet unconfirmed and looking likely to be last-minute decisions based on whims, fancies, curiousity and adventure. Everyone has an opinion on where they would like to go. Two firm favourites and repeated requests are to revisit “Greece-and-all-the-countries-on-the-way-to-it” and what has become our home-from-home for the last few years,… Read More

We Review: The Hoover Dynamic Extreme 13kg Washing Machine – It Looks Good But…

hoover washing machine

    Our family has grown faster than the size of domestic washing machines have been able to keep up with – until now. The Hoover Dynamic Extreme DWFT413AH8 is the newest large capacity machine from Hoover and, just over a week in, it has already made a considerable difference to our laundry pile. The… Read More

Online Ways to Supplement Your Children’s Education

keyboard closeup

  There are not many learning products out there that are specifically tailored for homeschooling. Most educational products get built for classrooms or for learning in general, but some of these tools can be tough for children in a classroom situation. They can be very productive at home where the child has guaranteed individual attention… Read More