Back to School Language Learning for Children with Pacca Alpaca’s FREE YouTube Videos!


    There is certainly no doubt about it, today’s technology means enabling your child to learn a new language is now easier than ever – even if you don’t speak it yourself. One excellent guide for pre-schoolers and young children is the friendly and fluffy Pacca Alpaca. This colourful creature introduces children to the… Read More

When Home Education Is Not an Option: A New Support and Advice Resource for Schooling Choices

apple on books with pencils and empty blackboard - back to school

    We receive a lot of emails regarding home education throughout the year but we usually see a steady rise during the months of July and August. The close of one school year and the onset of a new one seems to be the catalyst for many parents to question their educational options for… Read More

Review: Pickin’ Chickens and your chance to win!

PickinChickens 3D LR

    We have been fans of Drumond Park since the older ones were young children. We’re astounded that they can put out fun, original games that are enjoyed by our entire family every year and that they never appear to run out of fresh ideas. They’ve recently released a game for kids aged four… Read More