The Bracelet

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  As we arrived at the Katuuso project several band members had already congregated by the entrance gate. Dressed smartly in their orange and black uniforms, they launched into a series of tunes as they led the way for us to follow them as they played. A group of younger children stood in two straight… Read More

The Children of Katuuso: Singing in the Face of Poverty with Compassion

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  I sat in awe as dozens¬†of boda-bodas passed our minibus on the Kampalan road, splitting around us unceasingly and continuing on their journey as smoothly as a river flowing downstream around a rock. This multitude of motorbikes passing by were given their nick-name from the days they were used to transport belongings from border… Read More

A Brief Introduction to Child Sponsorship with Compassion UK

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  Only three days left until Cait and I board our plane to Uganda and not a shred of packing has been done as yet by either of us. As a result, I have decided to procrastinate further by writing a post to better introduce you to Compassion UK’s work. Yesterday I gave a quick… Read More