Rethinking Real Estate – A Homely Guide to Different Types of Property on the Market

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  There are many different types of property on the market and it can be difficult knowing what to look for. Different classes of  property can outperform each other over time and carry different benefits and disadvantages. It is therefore important to understand the different types of property on the market before making an investment.… Read More

The Bracelet

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  As we arrived at the Katuuso project several band members had already congregated by the entrance gate. Dressed smartly in their orange and black uniforms, they launched into a series of tunes as they led the way for us to follow them as they played. A group of younger children stood in two straight… Read More

The Children of Katuuso: Singing in the Face of Poverty with Compassion

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  I sat in awe as dozens of boda-bodas passed our minibus on the Kampalan road, splitting around us unceasingly and continuing on their journey as smoothly as a river flowing downstream around a rock. This multitude of motorbikes passing by were given their nick-name from the days they were used to transport belongings from border… Read More