The Importance of Keeping Kids Safe Online (and How My Childhood Leaves Me Battling Myself)

  I grew up with an incredibly snoopy mother. She was mentally ill, though never took her medication and constantly dodged monitoring by the mental health services who did pitifully little to protect us. She constantly obsessed with creating conspiracy theories against everyone, mostly against me, my brother and our Dad – her closest family.… Read More

Bath, Book, Bed the Large Family Way (Plus Win a Bedtime Bundle!)

bath book bed large family

    Our family lives firmly by the motto that you can never have too many books, just not enough time to read them in. We have now also reached the stage whereby it isn’t just an issue of time, but also bookshelves, general storage space (Mike has even put up shelves in the loft),… Read More

A Quick Family Round-Up and a Restaurant Review: The Ivy Royal Tunbridge Wells

Ivy Royal Tunbridge Wells - Exterior 2_preview

  It’s been a pretty horrid time of year, as I believe any time of year that isn’t dappled with sunshine and warmth normally is. We’ve been hit with one cold or bug after another since forever which, when taking into account each needs to work its way through so many people, means it’s never a… Read More