April 26, 2015

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12 Things Your Children Won’t Remember (But You Probably Will!)

    Every now and then Mike and I will take a walk down memory lane prompted by the words 'Do you remember… ?', which inevitably ends up with at least one child questioning what … [Read More...]


More Large Family Fun on Film: Leybourne Lakes Country Park

    The turn of the season signalled that it was time to blow away the cobwebs. What better than a refreshing spring walk with the family around Leybourne Lakes Country … [Read More...]


How to Encourage a Young Artist

  Whether your child has decided to start drawing cartoons, your friend is becoming an oil painting protégé or your sister is showing signs of being a super talented sculptor, you will want to … [Read More...]

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Itchy Feet and Wanderlust

  When we finally moved into our current home back in 2006 I swore blind that I would only ever buy and sell one more home and that would be it. It isn’t the act of moving house which is stressful – that part is quite exciting and you are thrown into the moment knowing […]


Brilliant Ideas for Holidays Away with your Partner

    This might not surprise you but having 13 children has meant that the free time Mike and I have is rather limited. Despite this though, we still always make sure we get to spend some time together as a couple, as we believe it’s important to give yourself the chance to relax every […]

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Talking Italian: We Chat Food and Family with Gennaro Contaldo

    Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows our love of all things Italian; the food, the country, the people… our family loves pretty much everything about it. If you are new and you didn’t know all this or you blinked and missed it, you can see our 2014 highlights in […]

Bracciolone Palermitano

Gennaro Contaldo’s Braciolone Palermitano Recipe (Filled rolled beef cooked in tomato sauce)

    This Braciolone Palermitano (filled rolled beef in tomato sauce) recipe has been reproduced with permission from Gennaro Contaldo’s Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian. (Click here for our review and read our interview with Gennaro on Larger Family Life here.) “This traditional southern Italian Sunday lunch dish is one of my favourites and very reminiscent of […]

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First Utility: Save an average of £229* a year

    This article is featured on Larger Family Life in conjunction with affiliates First Utility. Read on to see what they have to say about spiralling energy costs and find out  find out how you can save more up to £229 a year comparied to the big six – guaranteed:    “We believe there is a […]

Muscat, Nutmeg

Saving in a Nutmeg: How Investing Just Got Simpler

    Whatever your future plans it goes without saying that they will be a lot easier to achieve when there is money set aside for them. It is easy to get caught up the daily work-live-spend cycle to think about setting anything aside for the future, especially when there are so many options and […]

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The Many, Many Benefits of Professional Pest Control

    With the summer truly on the way, you may find that your home is more susceptible to the onset of pests. As such, this can leave many homeowners in a state of flux as to what to do when it comes to getting rid of perilous pests. Pests can come in all shapes […]

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kids cook french

Review: Kids Cook French

  Having spoken many times about our willingness to experience foods from other cultures at least once, we were excited when we discovered a book named Kids Cook French. As you can tell by the title, it’s a children’s cookbook that talks them through recreating the delicious French dinners. Author Claudine Pépin manages to give […]

Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

Review: Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

  Most of us are familiar with Battroborg toys, even if we’ve not actively used any of them ourselves. Over the years, different sets have been on wishlists for Christmas and birthdays, and after trying out the Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set, we can see why. The Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set includes the arena, […]

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