June 28, 2016

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8 Nutritious Snacks to Take Anywhere

      If you’re like most people who are trying to eat healthy, you may run into trouble at times when you’re hungry between meals. Finding the right snack that keeps you full and doesn’t ruin your healthy eating plan can be a challenge. When you’re out running errands or hard at work at the office, it can be even more difficult. Here are some possibilities if you’re … [Read More...]

June Degustabox

Our June Degustabox Review (Plus a Discount for You!)

    June's Degustabox has just been delivered and we were oh so excited to open it up and see what delicious treats awaited us this month. We were not disappointed and we've been keen to get trying every single product. Call it eagerness or greed, whatever you will, but this month's box was a huge hit regardless. So what did we get?   Haywards Medium and Tangy … [Read More...]

paddy swiss roll bake box

Paddy Cooks Polka Dot Swiss Roll from Bake Box

      The 8-year-old kid chef is back & tries out a recipe from his first Bake Box subscription from The Bake Box.         See more of Paddy's videos and catch up with what the rest of the family is up to over on our YouTube channel. Subscribe here!  You can also find a wide range of recipes on our site here.   … [Read More...]

Money Bag

Funny Money Traditions Around the World

        Are you mildly superstitious when it comes to walking under ladders and stepping in front of black cats? Throughout history, certain beliefs and superstitions have been attached to wealth and abundance.Here, icount.co.uk share the origins of some of the funny money traditions we practice all around the globe.   The Tooth Fairy This famous folklore is … [Read More...]

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Can the things you say reveal your age? Try this!

    My parents hadn’t long lived in England when I was born and my grandparents, who we lived with at the time, found learning a new language at their age quite a challenge. As a result my first language was Greek. I didn’t really speak English until I began nursery at the age of three or so. Once I’d grasped that, I then had to get the hang of the phrases too. I was born in … [Read More...]

toddler me and dad yiayia and papus garden

The Night My Heart Broke

      When my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and brain metastasis on March 21st 2016, he asked the doctor breaking the news what the prognosis was for him. 'Can I be honest?' she asked him and he asked that she was. 'If you were to ask me whether you had three years I would say it was unlikely. If you asked me if you had one year I would say possibly. If you asked me if … [Read More...]

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