May 4, 2016

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Vegan Dairy and Gluten Free Truffles

Dairy and Gluten Free Vegan Truffles

        This is a very quick and easy sweet treat that can be whipped up in minutes. For a dairy and gluten-free vegan treat that will be ready in no time, this is one recipe that can't be missed!   Ingredients: 255g Vegan Dark Chocolate 90ml Cocotein Coconut Water ½ tsp Vanilla Extract 24g Naturya Organic Chocolate Blend Powder   Method: Place … [Read More...]

Tsoureki Greek Easter Bread Recipe

Tsoureki Bread Recipe (Greek Easter Bread)

    Greek Easter falls this Sunday and we hope to be heading into London to meet up with family for the service and a big family picnic. If you're wondering why the Greek Easter falls on a different day, it's down to it following the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian. You can find out more over on our recipe page for koulourakia - the mouthwateringly more-ish Greek Easter … [Read More...]

dulux storybook

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Not Just for the Grown-Ups

    The last couple of years has seen us take on a number of projects from designing and building our new kitchen ourselves from scratch to completely gutting both bathrooms. We still have a pretty major project coming up soon which I’ll reveal in a few weeks but our thoughts are also turning to the relatively simple task of redecorating. On the list is the hallway and one of the … [Read More...]

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Lifestyle Guest Blogging Explained

      Running a blog is, as the Guardian points out, a great way to make a living today, or at least contribute to it. The problem is everyone knows that today, and it can be a challenge to get your blog noticed amid all the competition. There’s a wide range of strategies to achieve this, but one of the most important is guest blogging.   What Is Guest Blogging? Many … [Read More...]

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My Weight Loss Success Story: Now Featured on the DDP Yoga Site Itself!

    How ridiculously excited am I? Allow me to tell you! I have just received notification that my weight loss story is now featured over on the DDP Yoga website itself! Words cannot even begin to explain how thrilled I am. It was only fairly recently that I revealed all about our weight loss journey. I admitted how serious my self-loathing had become yet I was never able to … [Read More...]

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5 Tips to Staying Organised with a Large Family

      The greater the size of our family became, so did the need to become more organised. Organisational skills were not something that came naturally to me. As time went on I realised that keeping a house – and life in general – running smoothly with 15 people to take into account was made much easier if I did certain things.   Get a large calendar We use a large … [Read More...]

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