Flying In Confidence With Kids


If you’re planning to travel this summer and are already starting to worry about the combination of kids, airports and flying, you are certainly not alone. Air travel with children at any age can be stressful but the key to confidence is preparation! Start talking to your children about your trip and your itinerary in advance so that they have an idea of both what to expect and what will be expected from them. For younger children who may not understand you can show them pictures of the plane and perhaps talk to them about the experience more simply.

The key to happy and content children is happy and content parents…if you’re feeling stressed and nervous, the children will most definitely be feeling it too. Show them your confidence and control, help them feel secure, you got this! Remember, the only things children really need are calm parents, something to eat and drink and something to keep them occupied. Think about buying additional drinks and snacks before you board, children often struggle to wait for the trolley or prepared meals to arrive. As any parent knows, hungry children can be extremely difficult to manage and reason with.

If you’re travelling with young children you need to be prepared for every eventuality… change of clothes, nappies, milk, colouring books and small toys that they can hold onto for comfort. Don’t forget you will have to pack carefully so as not to exceed weight and size limits for luggage. If you’re looking for some new luggage that’s both functional and sophisticated, take a look at the Tumi products at Betty Hemmings. Their collection of carry-on luggage will keep packing simple, they are sized to meet cabin restrictions as well as meeting TSA guidelines.

For older children and teenagers, let them pack their own entertainment so there are no arguments over what you forgot, although of course it’s essential for you to oversee their bag for safety and security. Suggest that they take a range of activities, include something to draw with, reading materials, cards, games and if they have electronics remind them about chargers and batteries.

Have a few tricks up your sleeve for if the going gets tough, have a few ideas noted down such as games you can play together, I-spy, memory games, funny games and guessing games. Perhaps take one item that they don’t know about for if they run out of things to do and the dreaded B-word gets said! Boredom with make your trip unbearable if it’s not addressed early, so have a suprise ready to keep it a bay.

If you’re worried about managing with young children and are outnumbered, let the cabin crew know and don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. For instance, you may be travelling alone and need to use the bathroom or change a nappy and have other children to look after. In normal circumstances there would be room to all go together, travelling by plane does create a few restriction and airline staff know this. Cabin crew will be more than happy to hold a baby or sit and chat with a toddler for 5 minutes!





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