Ten Kitchen Items You Should Deep Clean This Spring


When Spring eventually rolls around, it’s finally time for the thick jumpers, coats and boots to go away for a few months in exchange for t-shirts and light jackets. Spring is also the perfect time for you to look around the house and the kitchen in particular, to see what needs to be deep cleaned. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for a spring clean. Not only is it good for your home, it’s good for you too because you are engaging in physical activity and your home will feel fresh.

Below are the kitchen items that you should be deep cleaning this spring.


1. Cooker

One of the most used appliances in the kitchen requires a thorough clean to ensure it is left sparkling and in pristine condition. If you’re a household that loves cooking then giving your cooker a deep clean every so often will keep it looking brand new and prevent germs. So, get scrubbing!


2. The bin

Throwing all sorts of rubbish in the bin will make it dirty. You are going to want to give it a good deep clean to wipe away all the germs. Rinse out with soapy water to get rid of bin juice and use disinfectant.


3. Kettle

Cleaning an electric kettle regularly is important to help it function and increase its lifespan since hard water can result in scaling. Luckily it’s easy to prevent limescale build up with a mixture of half white vinegar and half a cup of water. Leave to soak overnight and in the morning the limescale will easily come off.


4. Floor

Over time the kitchen floor will look lack-lustre with build-up of grease. Day to day mopping will keep it looking clean but to tackle and remove stubborn grime it’s best to use some hot water and give it a good mop to lift out grease, and give it that extra shine.


5. Microwave  

A tedious task but a must to ensure your microwave is working correctly and that food tastes as it should. Use vinegar to steam clean your microwave. This is a simple cleaning trick to help your microwave sparkle with minimum effort.


6. Dishwasher

You clean your dishes all the time but how often does your dishwasher get cleaned? Remove any bits of food from the bottom and run a cycle with a specifically designed cleaner made for your dishwasher. You can also clean your dishwasher by hand using these handy tips.


7. Washing machine

You don’t want to be washing your clothes in a smelly machine. Instead, you should disinfect with distilled white vinegar and baking soda every few months to keep it high functioning and fresh.


8. Fridge

A clean fridge will remove any bad odours and bacteria that may be there from out of date food or spilt milk. Remove all food from the fridge and spray each shelf with disinfectant and wipe down with a cloth. This will help it smell fresh and won’t contaminate your food.


9. Cupboards

It’s important to clean inside the kitchen cupboards as it is outside. With spills and splatters, cupboards doors will have layers of grease that will need wiping down. Avoid harsh detergents and abrasive cleaners so you don’t tarnish painted surfaces.


10. Toaster

Giving your toaster a good clean once a month will help stop crumbs that are sitting at the bottom of the tray from burning when it’s being used. Unplug your toaster and shake any crumbs or other food particles into the bin. If you have a removable tray, even better!
Next, clean the exterior with a damp cloth and watch it shine.


If all of this sounds like a lot of work for you and you simply just don’t have the time to fit it into your busy schedule, have you considered getting yourself a cleaner? Molly Maid, for example, are expert cleaners who offer spring cleaning services to provide you with a clean slate that you can then keep on top of in the future.





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