A Few Reasons Why Blackpool Is Kid-Friendly

Blackpool in Lancashire is one of those evergreen family-oriented English seaside resorts – the kind of place that many of us visited with our parents back when we were knee-high to a grasshopper. But are such world-famous attractions as Blackpool Tower and the Illuminations a bit ‘old hat’ these days?

Our short answer is: not in the slightest! Here are just a few of the aspects of Blackpool in 2018 that show it remains the perfect coastal destination to which to bring your little ones.


Blackpool Tower continues to evolve

Blackpool Tower may be as synonymous with the town as the Eiffel Tower is with Paris, having first opened to the public in 1894, but it’s not remained exactly the same over the past century or so. Naturally, updates to the Tower in recent years have often been made with kids specifically in mind.

Consider the Blackpool Tower Eye, for instance. It’s a breathtaking experience to marvel at the stunning panoramic views on offer of North West England – as far as the Lake District and Liverpool – from the 380ft-high glass viewing platform.

Don’t worry – the glass on which you’ll be stood is five centimetres thick, according to the official Blackpool Tower website, so you and the kids will all be safe, no matter how terrified you might be to peer down…


Or treat your little one to a (cashless) donkey ride

Another of those traditions that everyone seems to associate with Blackpool is a donkey ride or two. In fact, according to the Attractions Blackpool site, donkeys are thought to have been giving little lifts to little ones at seaside resorts since as far back as the 1890s.  

Mind you, the experience of paying for a donkey ride has been made a bit easier in recent years, with the Daily Mail having reported the introduction of contactless payments for them in 2014. So, you might not even have the excuse of having no coins left in your pockets if your child takes an interest in a riding opportunity on the beach this summer!


But that’s not all on offer at the beach…

One of the best reasons to book a stay in a Blackpool B&B – as can be done through any number of leading hotel reservation platforms such as Toprooms – is the unfussy simplicity of its seaside attractions that you are likely to remember from any childhood visit of your own to the resort.

In today’s age of smartphones, tablets and video games, what could be lovelier than making a bit of space for yourself with a towel on Blackpool’s South Beach, while the kids build sandcastles or go paddling in the sea and Dad wanders off to buy you all some fish and chips or ice cream?


Alternatively, pop into the zoo

There’s nothing like contact with some furry friends to keep the kids entertained! From tigers and tapirs to gorillas and elephants, Blackpool Zoo seemingly has it all as far as intriguing, inquisitive and charming creatures are concerned.

Bear in mind that the best prices for tickets are to be had when you purchase via the zoo’s website, and that you will need to pay for car parking – £2.50 for the full day, payable by cash at the machine.

Of course, the above are not the only reasons why Blackpool is the ideal place to take the young ones! What are your own favourite kid-friendly attractions at this universally popular resort?




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