Give your home real kerb appeal in 5 easy steps

Creating kerb appeal isn’t just for those looking to sell. There are plenty of reasons to keep an attractive and well-maintained exterior, from keeping up with the Jones’s to preventing a break-in. If you want to revive the appearance of your home and address any security issues in the process, follow these five easy steps.

Step One: Keep lawns and shrubbery neat and tidy with a regularly cut and prune. Use pots and hanging baskets to give your walls and doorway a welcoming lift. If you need low maintenance, choose evergreens or plants that flower brightly and come back annually. Buxus, olive trees and beautiful pink hydrangeas will create a striking effect.

Step Two: Keep an eye on the condition of exterior walls and fencing. If your home is rendered don’t let it deteriorate, it’s much cheaper and easier to do a spot repair than it is to re-do the whole lot. Same goes for fencing, once its treated, it should last up to five years depending on the product so get painting!

Step Three: Check the condition of your windows and doors, if you notice any issues or need any locks replacing, call a locksmith. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to a break-in. If you have a period property and kept the original front door, you might need to update your lock or have additional locks fitted for security. Your local locksmith can also service them and cut any keys you may need.

Step Four: Add some lighting to the front of your property, not only will it help during the winter months, it will look attractive and act as a deterrent for unwanted visitors. Path lights are easy to install yourself as many are solar powered, but if you want a security light or external light you can switch on and off, you’d better call an electrician.

Step Five: Now you’re in tiptop condition why not give your front door a makeover, there are tons of classy colours to give your home a completely new look. Make it the envy of all your neighbours with sage green or sophisticated grey.




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