Making the Most of Your Garden

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When you have a big family, space tends to be in short supply, so you really make the most of it. We certainly do. If you are lucky enough to have a garden setting things up so the family actually uses it is important.

Spending time outside is really good for you. It greatly improves your mental and emotional well-being as well as helping you to stay fit. Plus, of course, a garden is a great place for the kids to safely blow off steam. So, this post is all about setting up your yard or garden so that you can make the most of this, often, underused space.


Light up your garden

Using LED bulbs from LED Hut or another well-established and reliable lighting retailer to turn your garden into an area you can continue to use after dark is easy. They sell an incredible range of both bulbs and fixtures, so it is super easy to buy what you need.

These days there are numerous ways to light up an outdoor space. Everything from old-school lamps and spotlights to spike lights, fairy lights, and strip lights are now widely available. Importantly, the price of all of them has fallen drastically. If you really want to you can use all of these formats to light up your garden. But, you need to bear in mind the running costs. Most outdoor lighting will be switched on for several hours of the night. So, if you choose the wrong type it is very easy to end up with a huge electricity bill.

For most families, lighting up the terrace or deck and eating area is sufficient. However, if you have enough space, you can set aside a corner for the children to play football and practice sports. Provided it is situated far enough away from your neighbours’ properties that area could be lit too.


Create enough seating areas

Making sure everyone has somewhere to sit if they want to spend time outside will also help. You do not necessarily have to locate all of the seating in the same part of the garden. Having it located in different areas enables everyone to find somewhere quiet to sit.

Keeping the wind and rain at bay

In countries, like the UK, where the weather is not always great creating sheltered areas is important. This could be as simple as investing in a good canopy or planting hedging and trees to keep the worst of the wind off.


Somewhere to cook

Creating an outdoor kitchen is an excellent idea. Having all of the facilities you need to cook up a nice meal will encourage you to do it more often. Including, an old fridge and a sink is a good idea. Doing so makes it far easier for you to cook because you are not constantly traipsing in and out of the house carrying ingredients and dirty dishes. You can find out how to put together a nice outdoor kitchen, even if you are on a tight budget, by reading this post.


Invite friends and family around

Inviting friends and family around for an outdoor lunch, a picnic on the lawn or a barbecue is always nice. Getting into this habit helps everyone to appreciate the garden more, which in turn makes it more likely you will spend more time out there, overall.







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