5 Ways to Decorate Your Mantel for Spring


The mantel is the beam or arch that is located above the fireplace. While for some people this is only a part of the fireplace and not at all important, it actually presents a good chance to impress potential visitors. These are some wonderful ways to decorate your mantel for the spring:


Bring in some plants

The re-growth of plants is one of the greatest things about the spring. After a few months of hibernation due to the fall and winter, the plants are free to be magnificent once again.

To bring in some spring feels inside the house, it would be a good idea to put some plants on your mantel. Almost every kind of flower works in this regard but tulips or daffodils look especially great. It would be good if the flowers you will be bringing in are already starting to bloom.

Add some more green to the ensemble by putting up a boxwood wreath on the mantel shelf too. You would find that wreaths do not only work as a decorative piece during the Christmas season.

To finish it all off, do not hesitate to place a few decorative miniature plants for good measure. If you are designing any or other parts of your home by one of the top interior design companies around you, ask them to give special attention to the mantel.  


Go vintage

The spring also inspires nostalgia. So why not make it the theme of your mantel piece décor? The possibilities are almost endless in vintage decorations as everything that comes from another decade or era scream retro.

Start by putting up an old window pane. This can serve as the backdrop of your other decorations. It would be preferable if the old window pane is made of wood as it has a classic look about it. If you look at it in front, it may look like you have a window behind the mantel.

If you want, you can also go all-out by putting an old sketch painting on the side. Beside it, put a white vase that is filled with flowers of a neutral color (pale pink perhaps?)


Be simple by using black and white

If there is one color combination that is classic no matter what decade you are in, it is black and white. You can paint the mantel black. Make sure that the wall surrounding it is painted in white. And then place black and white things on top of the mantel.

One option you can have for your mantel would be to just fill it with white flowers. A few centimeters above, you can mount a television so that it looks good even when it is not turned on.

Another choice would be to just put some pictures placed in black picture frames of varying sizes on top of the white mantel to give it an artsy vibe.


Put up decorations with Easter in mind

The Easter is the first big holiday right after winter. Most households decorate their mantel with this in mind.

Start by collecting egg-shaped stones. Paint them in different colors and then glue-gun them together so they will be able to form a wreath. Put up an empty frame on the mantel and then tie the fake wreath on the top border.

Add in a few ceramic rabbits so that the Easter Bunny will be represented. You can also put in a sun-shaped wall decoration as the solar body is also a popular icon associated with Easter.


Mix materials

When decorating your mantel shelf, do not be afraid to mix the use of different materials. This will be your chance to put some of your personality into the design. Go wild with what you will be using.

Candles would look good no matter where you will be putting them so you can try that. Ceramic rabbits and birds will also add some cuteness into your décor. Bring a few flowers that are in a vase too.

If you have some fake branches, let them stand in a small pot and then hang some yarn balls in it. This will put some much-needed color in the whole thing, which can improve its look.

If you are feeling like an artist, you can also put up some silhouettes on the white wall so that there is a strong contrast, which almost always works.




These are some amazing ways to decorate the mantel in your rooms. If you are not an expert in interior design, you can go for a professional interior designer around you. If you are from Beverly Hills, you can choose a Beverly Hills interior design firm to have the best possible interiors for your rooms.  






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