Top 5 Ways To Spend Your Holidays in Larnaca


When you take a trip to the country of Cyprus, you are bound to visit its third largest city, Larnaca. Larnaca is located on the southern coastline of the country. It is well-known for its beaches and historical sites. With that, you will definitely enjoy your holidays in Larnaca.

The best part about this is that Larnaca has amazing accommodations for travelers and tourists. There are a lot of beautiful and homey apartments in Larnaca to enjoy your stay. Aside from that, there are a lot of things you can do in the city. Here are the top 5 ways you can spend your holidays in Larnaca.


Shopping in the Morning

Aside from enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting on the balcony of your apartment enjoying the sea breeze, you can also go out and shop in the morning. The shopping area is right at the restaurants so it is not far off. Larnaca’s shopping area is filled with all the things you need and you want to buy in a mall. If you are looking for something local and international, you came to the right place to shop. The difference is that it is a long road shopping area surrounded by boutiques. Then every Saturday, a traditional market is set up in the shopping district where you can get the goods you want at a low price.


Jogging By The Seaside


finikoudes beach larnaca


If you do not feel like shopping in the morning, then you can just jog along the seaside. You will enjoy the scenery and breeze of the Mediterranean Sea at one side and the bustling and colorful city at the other side. Taking a jog will not only help you maintain physical health but you will enjoy the ancient establishments that you will pass by. You can make a mental list of what sites you had passed by are you going to visit throughout your holidays in Larnaca.


Food Trip Everywhere

The best thing about Larnaca is that it is filled with restaurants and cafes near the seaside. One of the famous places you can go and eat is Finikoudes. Finikoudes is the eating center of the city. It has restaurants that serve every kind of meal in the Mediterranean Cuisine. It also has restaurants that serve food in different cuisines of the world. It is also updated with all the new popular dishes innovated around the world.


Mackenzie Beach All Day And Night

Mackenzie Beach is the definitely the highlight of every Larnaca tourist. The said beach is filled with activities and accommodations you can do and use throughout the day and night. During the day, you can enjoy swimming on the beach. You can also grab a bite at nearby restaurants. You can also just lounge there and enjoy the beauty around you. The place is so relaxing and energising in the morning that it will help you have a jumpstart for the entire day trip.

At night, Mackenzie Beach is the best place to enjoy the Larnaca nightlife. There are parties, music, shows and late night swimming available anywhere on the beach. There are also some cocktail bars nearby where you can grab a cocktail and drink and party the night away.


Mesmerise The History


Churches in Larnaca


Aside from that, Larnaca is rich in ancient history. There are historical sites that were preserved for you to see and learn their past. There is history in every corner of the city. You can visit the Medieval Castle, Kamares Aqueduct, Hala Sultan Tekke, Church of Saint Lazarus and more. The city not only houses the history of the place but also the entire country. A trip to Larnaca can already give you an overview of what kind of history Cyprus has centuries and centuries ago.

These mentioned things you can do in Larnaca are only some of it. There are more ways you can do to spend your holidays in Larnaca. You are free to observe the culture and lifestyle of the people in the city. You can even make up your own adventure tasks in the city. In Larnaca, you can both enjoy the historical aspects of the city and the modernised things as well.




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