Residential Curb Appeal, Landscaping and Your Exterior Entryway Décor


The old adage that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover applies at the bookseller and the library, but not when it comes to your home. The stark reality is that the exterior of your home matters, and it matters a great deal.

If you want your residence to maintain its true value, let alone increase in value, you must pay attention to its exterior. If you have any plans to put your home on the market for sale, you must make sure that it truly does have solid curb appeal.

When it comes to curb appeal, you need to keep a couple of key factors, among many, in mind. First, you need to make sure that your landscaping is up to par. Second, you need to ensure that your exterior entryway is attractive and inviting.


Curb Appeal and Landscaping

Proper, well-kept landscaping is crucial to establishing an attractive curb appeal for your residence. If you are considering putting your home on the market for sale, you must take the time to evaluate your existing landscaping. You need to ascertain what needs to be done to enhance the curb appeal of your home by addressing landscaping issues.

One consideration might be adding a bit more in the way of vegetation at your home. You definitely do not want to overdo in this regard. Going to far when it comes to gardens and greenery can leave a potential buyer worrying about what he or she will do to deal with the landscaping.

A few well-placed, and seemingly easy to maintain, plants can give a real boost to the curb appeal of a residence on the eyes of a potential buyer. Of course, the selection of plants place on your premises depends on your climate. With that said, if you consider something like a hearty aloe vera plant as an addition to your front landscaping, you may be on the proper path.


Curb Appeal and the Exterior Entryway

Time and again, homeowners planning on putting their residences on the market fail to pay enough attention to the look and appearance of the exterior entryway. They may spend a good amount of time tending to landscaping issues. They may even give the exterior a fresh coat of paint. But, beyond slapping a new coat of paint on the front door, they may do little else when it comes to the entryway.

If you are planning on putting your home up for sale, you must not minimize the importance of getting your exterior entryway in tip-top condition. You must fully understand that the entryway does more than merely catch attention from the curb, although its does do that.

The entryway to your home is a major component of your residence upon which a prospective buyer will do an initial evaluation of the premises. If the exterior of your residence is akin to the cover of a book, the entryway are the title on the cover.

You do need to make sure that the door itself is it prime condition. And, yes, a fresh coat of paint may do the trick in that regard. However, you need to do more.

For example, depending on your geographic location, and the time of year, you may want to consider seriously adding potted plants to the exterior entryway or porch fronting your home. You can select plants that are both attractive and interesting, and yet ones that will not require a tremendous amount of maintenance and care on your part. For example, if your climate permits, consider adding a potted aloe vera plant or two to the entryway or porch area at your residence.

A potted aloe vera plant provides you with a number of benefits when it comes to curb appeal and the entryway to your home. First, assuming your climate is generally suitable to an aloe vera plant, it will not be difficult for you to maintain. Second, an aloe vera plant typically is a strong, healthy looking, even vibrant plant. Third, it is a type of plant that many people have not seen up close. In other words, the simple addition of a potted aloe vera plant, or two, at your exterior entryway, can render your residence more memorable. This little addition can keep your home in mind after a prospective buyer has visited a number of residences during the course of a day. Viewing multiple residences in a short period of time is a common, and sometimes confusing, practice undertaken by people who are house hunting.


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