Larger Family Life: Off Season: Tips to Storing Your Large Family’s Gear


Large families have the unique situation of having lots of gear for each child and adults. This can lead to a house that is cluttered with toddler toys and teenage skateboard. Having a large family means you must be even more organised and persistent. There are seasonal items that you may consider putting into storage, so you can pull them out when it’s time. Here are a few tips to help you store your large family’s gear in the off season.


Making that blank wall a shelving space

If you have a blank wall in a room, you might consider turning into a vertical storage space by attaching shelving to wall. Storing stuff that is only used during one season is easily placed in boxes and organized on the shelf. Things such as boots or hard to pack items can also go on these shelves.

You can also create recessed wall shelving by cutting out the sheetrock between the supports and creating recessed shelving along your hallway. This will give you room without compromising your walking space. You can also place folding doors or hanging sheets to cover the area for a cleaner look.


Use your garage

The garage is a great place to store off season items. You can designate sections of your garage for certain seasonal items. Measure the area around your car and see if there is enough room for you to park and store your items.

Don’t forget the ceiling in your garage. You can hang skis, skateboards, and other large seasonal items from the ceiling. If your garage is insulated, then you can store things that need to be temperature controlled. Underneath your workbench is a great place to store items too.


Totes with labels

Using clear plastic totes with labels is a great way to store gear and items that are used only for one season. Summer toys can be placed in a clear plastic tote with the child’s name on them, so they know when the seasons change, they’ll be able to pull them out and use them again.

If you enlist your kids in the process, you can make a game of storing their seasonal items. It’s easy to stack totes on top of each other, too. So, you can assign a place in a child’s closet that has their summer or winter gear. Be careful not to over pack the totes, however, because they can become too heaving and dangerous if a child decides to take down a tote themselves.

Using more totes that are lighter is a much safer option. If you have to store heavy stuff in totes, consider moving to a place that the child cannot get to it easily.


Laundry room and spare room

The laundry room is often a space that many people forget has lots of storage space. Take a look at your laundry room and see if there are any spaces you fill with gear that isn’t used year-round. You can do the same with a spare bedroom. If you have family or friends over only once in a while, then you can use the space in the bedroom to store seasonal items.

Underneath the spare room bed is also a space to consider. You can purchase long shallow storage totes that fit easily underneath a bed. You can fill these totes with Christmas lights, or Halloween decorations. Depending on the size of the bed, you may be able to place three or four totes underneath the bed.

You can also use the spare room’s closet to store boots and shoes. Like ski boots or swim socks on a shoe rack inside the closet. You can also hang the winter coats and snow pants in that closet.


Vacuum storage bags

If your family is extra-large, you may consider using the vacuum storage bags to store clothing and blankets. These amazing bags remove the excess air and compress the clothes and items down to their smallest space.

Once you’ve packed the bag with winter blankets, you can attach your vacuum hose to them and reduce the space by over 75%. Then you can stack them in a closet or top shelf to be taken down when you’re ready to use them.

Large families have the unique challenge of having lots of stuff and gear that is not always used year-round. Having a few tips to store the off-season items will help you keep your family’s gear ready to use when the seasons comes around again. Winter gear can be stored in the garage and summer gear can be stored in spare room closets. These tips will help you keep your home organised and ready for any season.




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