5 ways to kickstart your Christmas shopping now



With the swathe of decorations backdrops creeping into shops, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that Christmas will soon be upon us. So, if you’re one of those people that usually leaves everything to the last minute and then dashes around in a panic, it might be time to turn over a new leaf this year.

Motivating yourself to do your Christmas shopping early can ensure that you stick to a budget, which will not only save you money, it’ll ensure that you’re feeling like the man in the big red suit come Christmas morning.

How do you plan for a big family? With so many people of all ages to buy for, and children who may all want the latest in-thing , you may be starting to fret. Never fear, as Choose Wisely have put together a handy Christmas money planner to keep you on track, with 5 helpful tips that you can do before December hits.


Choose Wisely Christmas Spending Timeline


Being prepared is key and with the 5 things that you can do in November, you’re already set up for a truly organised Christmas. Having early Christmas shopping ideas and spreading your purchases across several different wage packets will avoid a splurge that could put a bit of a downer on the new year.

The most important tip for those with a big family is to make your Christmas checklist and definitely check it twice. Noting down a gift idea for each member of the family means you won’t forget anyone, and you can start to group the purchases – you might even qualify for free delivery if you’re shopping online.

Budgeting is also pretty essential here, so with your total budget amount in mind, allocate a different amount for everyone and make sure you stick to it. Searching for thrifty bargains or bulk shopping will be your friend and if you have anything left over, you could always top up with small stocking fillers, or put it towards the all important Christmas feast.

Christmas shopping on a budget needn’t make you come across like Scrooge. Early preparation is important and might even justify getting those Christmas tunes on as soon as Halloween is over. Happy shopping!



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