7 Reasons You Should Join a Childbirth Class


By the time you reach pregnancy week 12, you’re about one-third of the way through with your pregnancy. Whether you have yet to reach this milestone, or if you’ve already passed it by, now is a great time to consider signing up for childbirth classes. Why add even more to your schedule? Here are seven good reasons to treat yourself to some mom-specific education before the big day arrives.


Obtain Reliable Information

Sure, the internet is a great source of information, and you’ll probably get some good advice from your doctor, your mom, your friends, and even some helpful strangers. Still, childbirth preparation classes provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge, usually with helpful visual aids, models, and demonstrations that are best enjoyed in person.



Learn and Practice Breathing Techniques and More

You probably know that there are certain breathing techniques that can make labor and delivery a little easier. You can watch demos online of course, and you can read about them in pregnancy books. This might be helpful – but there’s no one to provide you with feedback and specific pointers when you’re not learning from a live person.



Plenty of Answers to Questions about Pregnancy and Birth

Yes, you can read up on labor and delivery, but this can be time-consuming and there are differences of opinion that might cause confusion. Childbirth instructors have been present for countless deliveries – they know the ropes, and they’re happy to answer specific questions. Having a real live person to count on for answers ensures that you’re getting the information that you want and need, plus it helps put some of your worries to rest.


Helpful Hints for Better Health Throughout Pregnancy

While most classes offer a strong focus on labor and delivery, many also provide nutrition tips and other helpful information designed to help you enjoy a healthier pregnancy.   


Know What to Expect During Labour

Most of us have heard horror stories about things that have happened during childbirth, and some of these are truly terrifying. Classes can help eliminate at least some of the fear surrounding the delivery process – you’ll learn about different options for managing pain, you’ll gain insight into a variety of medical procedures that might take place, and you’ll have the opportunity to gain in-depth insight into a variety of topics that might be causing concern. Some classes even offer labor rehearsals!


Get to Know Other Parents

If this is your first pregnancy, it’s likely that you now have different priorities than you did before, and many of your friends may not understand what you’re going through. There’s no need to ditch your current friends, but you may find it helpful to make connections with others who are also new to the concept of becoming parents. You might make casual acquaintances at childbirth education classes, and you may even make real, lasting friendships.



Learn What to Expect After Birth

Besides offering support during pregnancy and throughout the delivery process, many childbirth classes provide information on topics such as breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, nutrition for you and your baby, postpartum care, and more.










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