Protecting your floors from your pets!


If you already own a pet, you know the drill already! Pets are a wonderful addition to any home, but they do take a lot of work to maintain. In this blog, we’re going to give you our best advice on dealing with their accidents, their hair and telling you the best flooring for a house with pets.

Unfortunately there’s no denying it, pets do leave a mess wherever they go! Whether it be hair, or unfortunate accidents they are messy. Wooden floors are the best for this problem, easy to clean and easy to clear. Hair wise, a damp mop will pick up any loose hairs quicker than a vacuum. Although vacuums are effective, they do have a tendency to blow the hair around the room rather than getting rid of them.

Our recommendation for carpets would be to hoover them twice over. If you own a squeegee however (a device normally used to clean windows), they pick up the hair in large clumps. It is a time consuming process, but it is probably the most effective. You can also try and regularly brush your pet’s hair to prevent excess shedding.

Pets are also prone to the odd accident or two, especially in the early days whilst they adapt to their new environment. Wooden floorings are again far easier to clean, with a damp cloth or mop doing the trick. Carpets are a little more difficult, it is important you dry the area as best as you can first. Once this is done a solution of white vinegar, baking soda and water will help to neutralise the area, and a dry cloth will do the rest!

We would recommend Vinyl Tiles as the best flooring for pets. It has very good static qualities, preventing your pets from sliding around! Engineered and solid are also a very good option, both practically and stylishly. They are easy to clean, but can damage easily so it is important to keep pets nails trimmed to prevent scratching.

Another very good option is laminate. It is the best option on the market price wise, and is also very stylish. It comes in a range of designs from darker colours, to lighter shades such as grey laminate flooring. It is extremely scratch resistant and also very durable.

There are a large number of very good flooring options out there, it is purely down to personal preference. We hope our guide has helped you to make your decision.



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